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Few people ever think that they may become disabled. However, studies show that there are 1 to 4 chances of becoming disabled before you reach the retirement age. In this article, you will read about basic types of disability benefits and why to find a Glendale disability attorney that will help you get the most when you need support.

Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

You may qualify for benefits under two programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance program
  • Supplemental Security Income program.

Conditions to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

There are two conditions for you to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance Program. First, it depends on the time period you have worked. And second, it depends on whether or not you have paid Social Security taxes. Your child may also qualify if his/her disability started before the age of 22.

In the case of the Supplemental Security Income program, the decisive factor is the level of your income.

Under both programs, you should provide information about your medical condition, work, and education history that will help the agency decide whether you qualify for disability benefits or not.

How is the Decision Made?

Social Security Disability Benefits

To decide whether your case qualifies, the agency mainly considers the following:

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship or qualified lawful alien status;
  2. The “severity” of your medical conditions;
  3. Your ability to do the work you did before;
  4. Your ability to do other types of work;
  5. The level of your current earnings.

For example, if you are physically impaired and cannot perform basic tasks like lifting, walking or remembering, most probably you will qualify for the benefits. However, these should be documented and proved before the agency. Or, if you can do another type of work but not your current one, you may be denied.  Once again, this depends on the level of your earnings and whether you can perform certain hours of work in a week.

Can I Work While on Social Security Benefits?

In reality, the answer to this question is “yes.” You can work and still receive monthly Social Security Disability benefits. The program also supports people to get the necessary training and rehabilitation. However, you need to inform the agency about your job change and the hours of work. Similarly, the amount of your Social Security Disability benefits may be affected if you are under other government benefits (including from a foreign country).

Why Hire a Glendale Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Social Security Disability Benefits

Many applicants wrongfully assume that the application process for disability benefits is rather easy. In reality, the process is rather complicated. To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, hiring a knowledgeable disability lawyer is the best you can do. Burbank Social Security Disability attorneys pass training and have extensive experience to have your claim approved by the Social Security Administration. You will find the attorney’s work priceless when it comes to paperwork and documentation.

Your choice of an attorney is crucial. It can make or break your case. Therefore, hire an attorney that has extensive experience. At My Lawyer Glendale, we have helped numerous clients to receive the maximum amount of funds for their disability case. You will meet one of the top-rated social security disability lawyers in Glendale, California.

You will pay our attorney only if you are successful in getting the benefits. In addition, we will evaluate your case free of charge.

The fact that you received a rejection does not mean you cannot re-apply. Our attorney can also assist you as you move forward from filing status to appeal status.

If you are struggling with your bills because of disability, call us for a free consultation immediately at (818) 574-4441 or fill out the form below.




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