General Negligence Personal Injury

General Negligence Personal Injury

Are you or your loved one injured in Glendale because of the negligence of another person or company? In that case, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Examples of general negligence include dog bites, drowning, slip and fall accidents, auto accidents and medical malpractice. These may happen to you anywhere. For example, on the roads, at a restaurant, at the workplace or in a supermarket. In this article, you will learn about factors that will make you eligible for a general negligence personal injury claim. Most importantly, you will learn about ways to pursue your case on a professional level.

Factors that Affect General Negligence Personal Injury Claims

General Negligence Personal Injury dog bite

There are four factors that must be present so that you or your representative can prove that someone else acted recklessly.

  • First, the person should have had some duty to you to act in a certain way. For example, doctors have a duty to provide the best medical treatment to their patients.
  • Second, someone must have breached this duty. This may be an individual or a big corporation. Following the same example, if a doctor broke the duty of providing the best service, you can sue him or her and receive financial compensation.
  • Third, this breach of duty must have caused your injury and consequent damages. For example, if a driver was texting on the road and did not follow the road traffic rules which became the cause of your injury, you will be entitled to compensation.
  • Finally, you must have encountered some “damage” that was caused by the reckless act or inaction of another person. Examples of damages include medical expenses, lost earnings or pain, and suffering. You or your representative must be able to prove that you encountered financial or emotional damages caused by another person.

Why Hire a General Negligence Personal Injury Lawyer

disability after General Negligence Personal Injury

Proving that you have encountered certain financial, emotional or physical damages because of another may be difficult. That is why we recommend finding an experienced lawyer that will help you in a difficult situation. My Lawyer Glendale has a reputable attorney in the Glendale area and has a proven record of successful general negligence claims. We have helped numerous people in a similar situation and settled their cases with success. Thus, now it’s time for you to learn how we can help you.

Why Choose My Lawyer Glendale

Act quickly, do not wait.

You need to identify a lot of proof at the earliest stage. Meanwhile, failure to apply to a competent attorney may result in a loss of the evidence. In addition, if you act very late, you may lose your right to file a lawsuit and the negligent person may stay unaffected.

Talk with the lawyer, ask questions.

In fact, you are entitled to a free consultation that will help you understand your chances of success. At My Lawyer Glendale we provide an initial consultation free of charge and here is when you can decide whether you want to pursue your case. You need to speak to an attorney to find out the type of negligence you went through and the ways to prove that.

Can I afford lawyer services?

can I afford professional legal help

Most importantly, we work on the basis of “win or no pay”. This means you don’t owe us a penny if we don’t win your case. This puts you in a risk-free situation and releases you from any obligation to pay us if we are not successful. Your rights will be recovered at no direct cost to you. Thus, you will be paying us a percentage out of the compensation received.

Call us at 1 (818) 574-4441 or fill out the form below if you think you suffered a general negligence personal injury. We will decide together what your chances are and how we can help you receive fair compensation. You need to have as much legal protection as possible when negotiating a settlement.

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