Are you Under Surveillance Because Of Your Auto Accident Claim?


There is a high chance that you are, especially if you have made an auto accident claim.

Insurance companies spy on you to gather any proof to use against you and deny or at least pay the minimum amount possible. They use the help of photo and video surveillance to refute all claims you make. The possibilities of keeping you under surveillance are higher if they fear having to pay a huge settlement amount.

There is a high chance you are under surveillance if you have a potential auto accident claim. So it’s better to seek an experienced Glendale auto accident lawyer’s advice to learn what to do if you are under surveillance.

Reasons for Surveillance

There are three main reasons for any auto insurance claim and for insurance companies spying on you. It’s these reasons which determine how much you stand to receive or not receive as compensation.

1. Liability

There’s no doubt that the other driver’s insurance company will argue that the defendant wasn’t at fault. And in case the liability is clear, they will want to try to shift some blame on you.

They do this by having investigators spy on you to look for something they can use to shift blame.

2. Injuries

Injuries are another reason for surveillance.

The insurance company will want to know how much your medical bills were and if they were reasonable. They will also want to see if you had any pre-existing conditions that may be the injury cause and not the accident.

3. Pain and Suffering


Insurance companies will also spy on you to prove that the injuries haven’t affected your life much. And that you don’t deserve as much compensation as you are claiming for.

Whether or not the insurance company spies on you depends on what they hope to gain by watching you.

For example, if liability and injuries are apparent, the insurance company will not opt for surveillance, and a quick internet search reveals nothing.

However, they may opt for some surveillance if they find some evidence that they could use to avoid paying you. Possible scenarios where they may opt for surveillance include:

  • Possible fraud
  • Long term medical care for a minor collision
  • Seeing you active in an online search
  • Contradictory statements by witnesses or your injuries, pain, and suffering

What Surveillance Methods Can They Use?

There are various surveillance methods insurance companies may employ to spy on you like:

  • Passive Surveillance


Insurance companies won’t hesitate to hire a private investigator to follow you and take photos or videos of you throughout the day. They are more likely to do it if they suspect fraud and think you aren’t as severely injured as you claim.

  • Active Surveillance

Insurance companies may opt for active surveillance like speaking to neighbors and even your relatives in high-value cases.

  • Internet Searches

Insurance adjusters will conduct internet searches to learn more about your activities. They will check social media sites like Facebook for pictures and videos proving that you aren’t as badly hurt as you claim.

So be careful about what you post on social media networks if you make an auto accident claim. Also, keep your profile private, limit tagging or befriending unknown people, and avoid public forums.

How an Auto Accident Attorney in Glendale Can Help

You never will know who and why you will be under surveillance because of your auto accident claim. That’s why it’s better to seek immediate legal help if you were involved in a car accident in Glendale.

Lawyers know the laws and protect you from insurance companies, prevent costly mistakes, and get maximum compensation.

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