What to Do If You Get Injured by Heavy Machinery at Work


Many workers sustain injuries when working with or near heavy machinery.

These powerful machines may fail because of varying reasons and hurt anybody. And some workers suffer from injuries because of failure in following safety protocols when working with heavy equipment.

These accidents may result in minor or severe injuries that could leave you unable to work full-time. It could also lead you to expensive medical treatments and significantly lost wages.

Thus, you should know what to do when you sustain injuries from heavy machinery to protect your rights and claim workers’ compensation.

Steps to Follow After Sustaining Workplace Injuries from a Heavy Machinery

You deserve workers’ comp after sustaining any workplace injury, like injuries from a heavy machinery accident. These benefits will financially help you in particular ways, like compensating:

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Medical aids devices
  • Transportation cost reimbursement to and from medical appointments
  • Lost wage coverage
  • Vocational retraining voucher

The thing is that you must follow these steps for a valid workers’ comp claim after sustaining injuries from a heavy machinery accident:

1. Immediately Seek Medical Attention


First, seek an immediate medical check-up after the accident, no matter if you sustain minor or severe injuries. Immediate treatment helps avoid complications.

Immediate medical attention also supports you when filing a workers’ compensation claim because it proves the urgency of your injury. Delays could damage your case because the insurance provider may try to prove your injury isn’t critical.

A Glendale workers’ compensation attorney can protect your claim from insurance provider tactics.

2. File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Next, start the workers’ comp claim process by asking for the workers’ compensation claim form from your employer. You can get it from an attorney if your employer won’t provide the document.

Fill in the employee’s section, and return it to your boss to fill in the employer’s section and submit it to their insurance carrier.

3. Cooperate through the Investigation Process

The insurance provider will investigate before approving or denying your claim. They want to prove your injuries and the validity of the amount you claim.

The thing is that most insurance companies avoid releasing large amounts to protect their business interest. They may use different tactics to decrease your compensation amount or deny your case.

Thus, always hire a workers’ comp lawyer to protect your case during the investigation. Your legal counsel should talk with the insurance provider on your behalf where required.

4. Receive the Benefits or Appeal a Claim Denial

After the investigation, the insurance company will either approve or deny your workers’ comp claim.

You will start receiving the benefits if approved. Otherwise, you may appeal a claim denial to the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Consult with a reliable lawyer to represent your case through the appeal process.

5. Check the Possibility of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A worker generally cannot sue an employer who provides proper workers’ compensation. However, you can use a third-party entity and claim personal injury compensation if the heavy machine accident resulted from particular negligence.

For example, you may use the machine manufacturer if faulty parts had caused the accident.

Consult your legal counsel to check if this option suits your case.

Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Glendale if You Suffer from Heavy Machinery Injuries

Heavy machinery accidents can significantly impact your life. It could make you unable to work and lose a stable income source. Thus, always remember the steps above to get the compensation you deserve.

A reliable Glendale workers’ compensation attorney by your side will represent your case while you recover.

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