What to Do If You Get a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign

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Running a stop sign is a critical violation because it could endanger other cars and pedestrians on the road. Thus, California law penalizes any driver who doesn’t stop at these signs.

You should pay a penalty fee when you get a ticket for running a stop sign. The violation will also stick to your driving record and cause your insurance premium to increase significantly.

Thus, always observe the stop sign rules to avoid receiving a traffic violation ticket.

However, you have the following options if you ever receive a ticket for this violation.

What to Do if You Get a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign

The law mandates all drivers to stop under a stop sign and in the proper spot. They should stop before the limit line, crosswalk, intersection, or railroad entrance.

You can get a violation ticket if you stop at the wrong place or unintentionally run the stop sign.

Remembering these two primary options helps you clear the violation ticket:

1. Pay the Ticket

You may pay the violation ticket for running a stop sign through the court, and it will cost you at least $238 with additional court charges.

However, it gives you a bad record because it proves an admission of guilt. The court will also submit your violation to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

This DMV record adds a point against your driver’s license and can trigger further consequences.

For example, your insurance premium may increase by more than $1,000 if you get a violation record against your license. You may also face difficulties when applying for jobs involving driving.

2. Defend Yourself Against the Accusation

You can fight the ticket by proving you didn’t run the stop sign or that you have valid reasons for the violation.

You may go to court on the indicated date in the ticket to file a Guilty or Not Guilty plea. You may also clear your violation through a Trial by Written Declaration with the help of a Glendale auto accident lawyer.

Here are some possible defenses you and your attorney could use to clear a stop sign violation ticket:

  • Challenge the Officer’s Statements

One of the best ways to prove you don’t deserve this violation is to challenge the officer’s statements.

For example, you may collect witness statements and photograph the accident scene to prove you stopped at the right spot. Your evidence must show that you didn’t run the sign and that the officer had committed a mistake when giving you a violation ticket.

  • Prove You Hadn’t Noticed the Stop Sign


Another possible defense is to prove you didn’t see the stop sign because of reasonable factors, like when the sign is:

  • Covered by trees or shrubs from your point of view
  • Hard to notice because of bad weather conditions
  • Too damaged or faded to become functional

It’s also better to take pictures of the sign to prove its condition, especially from your point of view on the road.

  • Prove Your Action was Reasonable

The court may also dismiss your violation if you need to run the stop sign to avoid a road accident.

For instance, you may have had to drive past the stop sign to avoid colliding with an oncoming out-of-control vehicle.

Your Auto Accident Attorney in Glendale can Help Clear a Traffic Violation Ticket

Receiving a ticket for running a stop sign may seem minor, but it isn’t. It can trigger many more inconveniences because it affects your driving records.

An auto accident lawyer can help clear your violation ticket and keep your records clean.

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