What to Do If You Fell At a Glendale Restaurant Last Night

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls in restaurants anywhere are pretty common because:

  • Restaurants are most likely to have greasy and slippery floors
  • Restaurants have more foot traffic than other public places
  • Moving around in the restaurant is difficult because of narrower walkways created by the surrounding tables and chairs.

There are, however, a few things you need to do if you feel at a Glendale restaurant. It’s because some falls can get serious, leading to severe injuries and expenses.
Your personal injury attorney can help you claim compensation for the expenses incurred. Here’s what you should do after the fall to build a stronger case.

1. Consult Your Doctor Immediately

Remain where you are and call for emergency assistance if you are seriously injured. Do not even try to stand up or move until help arrives. The slightest movements can sometimes do more harm than good.
Seek immediate medical attention after leaving the restaurant, even If you aren’t seriously injured. Sometimes symptoms don’t appear for hours or days after the accident, and treating these injuries gets difficult. Doctors can identify and treat injuries immediately.

2. Report the Accident

Report the incident to someone in charge at the restaurant before leaving. Ask them to write a report and give you a copy. The copy proves that the accident occurred at the restaurant and that they were made aware of it.
However, be careful about what you say, and don’t disclose more than required.
Do not explain your condition, the pain you are going through, or what you were doing before the fall. For example, don’t mention you were on your phone when you fell; this will not help your case.

3. Collect Evidence from the Fall Spot

Slip and Fall Accidents

Document as much relevant evidence at the fall spot before leaving. Take photographs to prove that the floors were wet or an obstacle triggered the fall.
Also, take photos of your visible injuries like cuts and bruises and the clothing you wore, including shoes. It’s necessary because the defendant may argue that you fell because of your footwear or loose clothing.
Also, take photographs of any security cameras pointing in your direction. It’s in case the restaurant owner destroys them and denies their presence. Besides, you can also ask for the footage as added evidence to prove your case.

4. Speak to the Witnesses

With so many people in the restaurant, someone will have seen you fall. Collect their contact information and ask them to describe what they saw. Do not discuss your condition or the events leading to the fall. But do thank them for their help and inform them that your personal injury attorney may contact them soon.

5. Seek Legal Representation

Contact an experienced Glendale personal injury attorney in slip and fall cases as soon as possible. Hire someone with a background in winning compensation for their slip and fall accident victims.
Give your attorney copies of all the gathered evidence, like photos, accident reports, medical records, and witness statements. It provides your lawyer with all the information and facts needed to do their job.
Based on these facts, your attorney will launch an investigation to determine who is liable. It’s after determining liability that your lawyer starts negotiating for your rightfully deserved compensation with the at-fault party’s insurance company.
Remember, while you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, recovering isn’t easy.
There’s always the chance that the insurance company may not pay.
In this case, your attorney will file and take your case to court. They will fight tirelessly to help you secure the compensation you deserve because of your fall at the Glendale restaurant.

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