Is It Wise to Switch Glendale Auto Accident Lawyers if I’m Unhappy?

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You have to go through so much pain, stress, and injuries as an auto accident victim. You end up with mounting medical bills and wonder how to pay them.
To make things worse, you won’t be able to work for some time, leading to lost wages.
The only solution lies in turning to an auto accident attorney in Glendale to help make a claim. And you expect to go through a smooth sailing claim process.
However, you may be in for some bad news.
It’s not always that the first lawyer you hire works hard for you and to your satisfaction. There is always the risk of you being frustrated with your lawyer, and you want to switch attorneys.
The problem, however, is you wonder if it’s safe and okay for your case to switch lawyers.
All you need to do is read on to find your answer.

Possible Treasons to Switch Lawyers


First of all, you need to know there are various reasons for clients like you to be unhappy with your attorney. It could be because of attorneys who:

  • Are rude and keep talking down to you
  • You can’t get a hold of on the phone when you need advice
  • Don’t answer your calls and instead have a paralegal do the talking
  • Focus on selling services you don’t require
  • Speak to different people whenever you call
  • Don’t listen to your input about the case
  • Don’t keep you updated about your case

Whatever the reason, remember that it is you who are hiring your attorney. So you have the right to fire them whenever you want. There’s no rule stating you have to stick with a lousy attorney even after signing a contract.

No Penalties


You don’t even have to worry about paying penalties to lawyers if you opt to change them. You can confidently change lawyers you are unhappy with because:

1. You Will Not Have to Pay More

You had signed a contingency agreement with your first lawyer, stating that you needn’t pay your lawyer upfront. They will, however, receive a third of your settlement, if any.
You don’t end up paying more if you change lawyers because the total amount remains the same. Both the lawyers split the contingency fee based on how much work they did on the case.

2. Your Case Is Not Affected

On the contrary, the switch may help your case, especially if you hire someone who works harder for you. Once you decide to switch, your old lawyer has to hand over all your records to the new attorney.
You don’t lose anything because the new lawyer picks up where the old one left.

3. An Easy Switching Process

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The best news is that the switching process is so simple.
All you have to do is send a two-line ‘stop work letter’ to the old lawyer. Write that you have changed lawyers and that you have hired someone new.
Instruct them to stop working on your case and to send all the paperwork to the new lawyer.
You don’t even have to write and send the letter or speak to your old lawyer. Your new lawyer will do it for you and also send you a ‘consent to change attorney form to sign.
It is proof to your old lawyer that you have decided to make the change. And when they sign it, demonstrates that they had received the form before you file it at the court.

Just Make the Right Choice

Your Glendale auto attorney will be helping you make tough decisions like accepting or rejecting settlements. So you must be comfortable with and trust their advice.
There’s nothing wrong with your opting to switch attorneys if you are fed up with or uncomfortable with your lawyer. You have nothing to lose. You stand to gain because you will be working with someone you trust, understand, and are happy with.

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