When to Get a Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer for a Car Accident

car accident

Did you know that it’s not only you but also insurance companies that have lawyers handling each claim they get? Despite handling so many claims on an everyday basis, they still need a lawyer to assess cases.

Now, if you had suffered a personal injury, it’s something that doesn’t happen every day. So it’s quite evident that you need to hire a lawyer.

The problem, however, is that sometimes you may know that you need a lawyer, but still have to ask:

When Do I Need to Get a Glendale Personal Injury lawyer?

car accident

Well, you will usually need one if you got injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault. It’s a severe injury, and you need their assistance because and of the specialized legal system skills and knowledge they have.

However, no two serious car accidents are similar.

There are some situations where it’s better to hire an attorney. Read on to learn more about when you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Glendale.

1. Suffering a severe injury or permanent disability

There is no other alternative than hiring an attorney if you end have a serious injury or illness because of the accident. The injury repercussions are a lifetime of pain, suffering, and additional bills and expenses.

So you need to consult a lawyer at least to learn your options, and initial consultations are anyway usually free.

Besides, if your injury renders you in need of long-term care, hiring a personal injury attorney will prevent lifelong financial stress.

2. Unsure about who’s at fault

It’s better to consult a Glendale personal injury attorney if you get involved in an accident, and aren’t sure who’s at fault.

Why? It’s because it’s very likely that the other party’s insurance company will blame you for damages. An attorney’s consultation helps protect your rights and defend you from counter and cross-claims.

3. Accidents involve many parties

Now imagine you get involved in an accident with multiple parties. It’s a personal injury lawyer who will be able to reduce the chances of your getting stuck with any bills.

They have the required experience to deal with multiple insurance companies simultaneously and build a protective case for you.

They can also ensure you get the deserved compensation without leaving any money on the table.

4. When claims are denied or delayed

accident insurance claim denied

Insurance companies know that most people don’t know the complicated laws and procedures of a personal injury claim. They know that you don’t know much about the rules, and cannot do much about it or give an appropriate rebuttal.

They use this to their benefit and deny even a person’s legitimate injury claim.
Many insurance companies even delay claims so that they can slowly and eventually convince the injured party into submission. They play on your psychology because they know that money is tight now, and you have bills rolling in.

So taking advantage of this position, they offer you only a fraction of your claim’s amount. Many people facing financial problems will quickly oblige and grasp whatever monetary compensation they receive without fighting in court.

It is the biggest mistake they make because they cannot expect to receive any more money once the partial claim is accepted.

All this can be avoided by first consulting a personal injury attorney in Glendale.

5. No time or unable to go to court


There may be situations where you may not be able to file your claim or attend court. It’s usually if you had a bad injury. Or it may be that you are filing for someone else and can’t afford to skip office to attend court.

So these are five common situations when you should hire your Glendale personal injury lawyer. They will be able to guide you through the process and represent you at court.

Most importantly, they save time and the stress of applying for a claim. And will even attend court on your behalf when you can’t or don’t have the time to do so.

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