What Happens If I’m Injured in a Building Collapse?

Getting caught in a building collapse is a horrible and complicated situation to face. You have probably sustained significant injuries because of falling heavy debris, and you want to claim compensation for it.

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Glendale is the best step when filing a case for sustaining injuries in a building collapse. However, it’s better to know what to do in that situation to support your claim.

Steps to Follow If You Sustain Injuries from a Building Collapse

1. Secure Your Safety in the Area

Ensure your safety in the area after the building collapse with these immediate steps:

  • Find a safe place inside the collapsed building, like underneath a sturdy table. It can protect you from more falling debris.
  • Call 911 if possible, or wait for the rescue to come. Follow the emergency team’s every instruction when they arrive.
  • Stay still while waiting for help if you sustain severe injuries to avoid complications. However, apply first aid if you can, like wrapping a wound with a handkerchief.

On a side note, it’s better to take pictures while in the collapsed building. Multiple photos of the area and your injuries will serve as compelling evidence for your case.

2. Get Immediate Medical Check-Up


It’s vital to get immediate medical attention for any accident-related injury. A physician will provide the necessary treatment and prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Moreover, an immediate medical check-up can support your claim by proving crucial points like:

  • Extent of injuries
  • Pain and suffering you experience
  • Injury-related disabilities you sustain
  • Treatment you need
  • Injury-related medical costs

That’s why it’s vital to collect all necessary medical documents and attach them to your claim. That includes:

  • Diagnosis
  • Medical report
  • Prescribed treatment or surgery
  • Medical bills and medication receipts

3. Determine the Cause of the Building Collapse

It’s vital to determine the cause of the infrastructure collapse to identify who is liable for your injuries.

The thing is that there are multiple possible reasons for a building collapse, like:

  • A strong earthquake that the structure wasn’t able to withstand
  • Poor construction quality
  • Poor building maintenance

To know the exact cause of the building collapse, you may check news reports and articles for information. You can also ask witnesses like company employees in the building.

Moreover, an excellent personal injury attorney in Glendale can investigate the incident for you.

4. Identify Who is Liable for the Building Collapse

It’s difficult to know who could be held accountable for a building collapse. However, a reliable injury lawyer can help with that.

There are three possible entities that you can sue for your injuries:

  • Building Owner or Landlord

You can sue the owner or landlord for failing to keep the building in a good and safe condition.

For example, the landlord knew about a structural problem in the building but didn’t solve the issue before opening it for use. In that case, you can sue them under the Premises Liability law.

  • Builders or Contractors

You can also hold the engineers, architects, and other entities who built the infrastructure accountable for your injuries. You and your lawyer will have to prove poor quality construction that didn’t comply with the building code requirement.

  • Third-Party Entities

There are third-party service providers that you can use as well. These are agencies that had provided the wrong structural information to the building owner.

For instance, a building inspector may have declared that the infrastructure was good. However, it may turn out they didn’t conduct their job well, and there was already structural damage during the inspection.

In that case, you and the building owner can sue the third-party service provider.

Get a Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer for a Complex Injury Case

Building collapse can cause severe physical injuries and psychological trauma to you. Fortunately, you can file an injury lawsuit and get the settlements you deserve.

Consult a personal injury attorney in Glendale to handle your injury case due to building collapse.

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