What Can I Do if My Attorney Goofs up My Case?

attorney goofs up my case

To err is human, it’s always said.

So it’s not surprising if your social security benefits attorney in Glendale screws up your case.
They are human, and there is always the possibility of messing things up. While it’s uncommon, it can happen. The problem is that their mistake can have severe repercussions on your social security benefits.
It makes you wonder what happens if they screw up your case because of their mistake.

You wonder if you deserve to risk losing your claim for no reason of yours. And you tend to wonder what your next move should be.

Consider Filing for a Legal Malpractice Case

social security

Well, the solution lies in pursuing malpractice. You have the right to sue your attorney for malpractice and claim compensation if your lawyer fails in handling your case. It, however, may not be an easy process.

Things are even more complicated if your lawyer is corrupt.

They will try lots of things to prove that they weren’t at fault. They will try to blame you, stating that you were at fault.

You have the arduous task of proving that it was the lawyer’s mistake and not yours.
You also need the evidence to prove that they didn’t handle your case, as well as other lawyers, would have handled it.
It may not be easy to get this evidence. However, knowing these four essential points will help you win if you sue for your lawyer’s malpractice.

1. Failure in Duty

legal malpractice

You need to prove that the attorney failed to act as a licensed lawyer should.

2. Breach of Duty

You have to prove that your attorney failed in their duty towards you. They may have failed through negligence, a mistake, or not doing what they were supposed to do.

3. Causation

Prove that you ended suffering from some damages due to the lawyer’s behavior

4. Damages

You will have to prove that you suffered some financial loss because of the damage suffered

Other common problems and reasons for a lawyer screwing up cases are:

  • Not knowing how to apply laws to your case
  • Insufficient case analysis
  • Not filing documents
  • Planning error strategies
  • Not getting consent from the client
  • Treachery
  • Procrastination

These are the most common reasons that lead to troubled attorney-client relationships and a screwed-up case.

Lack of communication, incompetence, dishonesty and inadequate legal work, billings, and the arbitration will complicate things.

Lawyer-Client Rights

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There are also some fundamental lawyer-client rights you should receive as a client. You should accordingly expect your social security benefits lawyer to:

  • Guide you about your legal circumstances·
  • Keep communicating and updating about your case
  • Let you make critical case judgments·
  • Keep you informed about any cause complications
  • Provide their views about the case·
  • Help In preparing you for the case

Lawyers who do not practice these rights may also mess up your case. If this happens, you don’t have to continue using their services. You have the right to look for another social security benefits attorney in Glendale.

There’s Still Hope


Just because one lawyer has screwed up your case doesn’t mean there’s no hope. You can still work at receiving your rightfully deserved disability benefits.

You can always turn to another good lawyer for help. They will figure out if you have a case, especially if you lost your case because of another lawyer.

Depending on your case, you have other chances to get your benefits. There’s the option to go to the court of appeals, federal court, and so on.
You need to be persistent in fighting for your disability benefits. You will be rewarded as long as you and your new attorney can prove that you qualify for disability.

While making your new choice, look for an experienced Glendale social security benefits attorney with positive reviews.

They should be experts in the field and not inexperienced paralegals or
untrained interns. The chances of the firm screwing up your case are higher if they handle your case.

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