What Is Considered a Moderate Auto Accident in California?

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It’s not just your favorite steak that’s divided into three categories- rare, medium, and well-done.
Even car crashes come in three types- minor, moderate, and severe!
However, while well-done steaks are most popular, most crashes are moderate.
So now that may make you wonder…what exactly is a ‘moderate’ car crash?
And what’s so special about it?

What Defines a Moderate Car Crash?

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The best way to understand and relate to the perspective of a moderate car crash is by comparing it with minor and severe car wrecks.
And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), minor car accidents are accidents where:

  • There’s no deployment of airbags
  • Anyone can quickly drive the vehicles away from the accident spot
  • No one suffers from any type of injuries

Vehicles involved in minor car accidents usually undergo minimal damage like perhaps a dent or scuff mark. The injury usually doesn’t include anything significant to the internal components or requires exceptional repairs or bodywork.
Now severe car wrecks are, of course, extreme.
These accidents involve significant damage to one or both involved vehicles. And either one or more occupants end up suffering from severe traumatic injuries.
In addition to it, you may have to tow away one or both vehicles.
So there’s no doubt that drivers and passengers alike will experience extensive financial and non-financial costs because of the accident.
Now when you come to a moderate car accident, it’s a car wreck that’s in between these two extremes.
Nothing clearly defines it, but common characteristics include:

car accident

  • The involvement of a rear or side-to-side collision
  • Everyone in the vehicles having worn seatbelts
  • Occupants suffering from injuries and requiring medical treatment, but no permanent disability or loss of function.
  • Either or both vehicles driving at 25 to 46 miles per hour, and could slow down to avoid the crash.
  • Significant damages but which are repairable

Then again, sometimes, these same factors may constitute or define a severe accident.
In short, it’s the specific facts involved that determine the consequences of a car crash. That’s why you need to know and mention the most minor, most insignificant details in your reports.

What’s the Reason to Categorize Car Crashes as Moderate?

There’s no actual reason or benefit for categorizing accidents because the accident severity doesn’t affect your claim. What’s more important in California is determining whose fault it was and how much the accident cost and will cost you.
It’s because California doesn’t follow a no-fault insurance law, so accident victims can file a claim no matter how severe their injury. You can recover compensation as long as you prove that the other driver was at fault and you suffered losses.
However, victims in states following no-fault insurance laws have to prove they suffered from significant or permanent injuries to seek fault-based compensation.
In this case, fault-based compensation is generally confined to moderate and severe collisions.

How to Seek Compensation for Moderate Auto Accidents?

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Accident victims in California can seek compensation for moderate car crashes by:

  • Seeking prompt medical advice and following it.
  • Seeking a second opinion if necessary.
  • Collecting as many accident details as possible, including the other driver’s contact information
  • Contacting a Glendale auto accident attorney to ensure receiving maximum compensation for the moderate car crash.

How an Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale Can Help You

Your attorney will collect and use the available evidence to prove liability and negotiate to collect your rightfully deserved compensation. Besides, they will handle all the court procedures so that you can focus more on your recovery.

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