What should I do after a Work Injury in Glendale?

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Did you get a job injury or receive a work-related injury outside of the company? Then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While your employer may try to convince you that the injury is not a big deal, you’d better take care of it right away. Filing a worker’s injury claim has its timeline and conditions. In this article, you will learn about the steps to take after a work injury in Glendale. Read on if your health has been at risk at work.

My First Step After I Get a Work Injury

You may be tempted not to report a work injury at the workplace. For example, because you might fear being indirectly punished and failing to report to the manager. However, even a bump on the head from an object is worth reporting because it may develop into a serious illness. So, your first step should be to report to the manager. Fortunately, you have 30 days to report from the date of the injury in Glendale, California to report. After that time, you are risking losing your benefits and being denied.

How About Occupational Illnesses?

Your illness may be caused not by a single accident but may have developed over time. Occupational illness happens when you get exposed to a condition at the workplace over time. Some illnesses like back pain, neck pain, or insomnia are hard to prove. However, your chances of proving that you developed these illnesses at the workplace are high enough. Once again you have 30 days after the injury to report to your manager. The date of the injury for occupational illnesses is the date when you become aware of the disease.

If I was not on the Site?


You are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you were not on the site but the injury is still work-related. For example, you may be a traveling salesman or doing work otherwise outside of the company location. If you were performing your job duties when you got the injury, your chances of receiving workers’ compensation benefits are equally high.

What’s Next?

Your employer should provide you with a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1 claim form). You will fill out this form and the employer will send it to the workers’ compensation insurance company within five days. Some of the deadlines are strictly obligatory and you may lose your chances of getting compensated if you miss them. To have the whole procedure in front of you, you’d better apply to a Glendale lawyer who can assist you with paperwork and further steps.

Glendale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that you don’t need to pay a lawyer right away who will assist you in the process. At My Lawyer Glendale, we work based on “win or no pay”. Unfortunately, the whole paperwork and procedures are not simple enough and you will need the assistance of a competent lawyer.

Things get tougher when you apply to a work-assigned doctor that may disagree with the diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctor assigned by your employer may be biased and work in favor of the employer. Avoid such complications and get advice and guidance from a competent attorney before you even take any steps.

Our Worker’s Compensation Attorney knows the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation law and the tricks that you may get into if left alone. At My Lawyer Glendale, we have a high record of successful cases and can assist you from start to end.

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