How Do Vehicles Roll Over?

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A vehicle rollover is a horrible road accident that results in devastating damage. It may severely injure or kill the overturned vehicle occupants and involve other motorists and pedestrians.

Thus, you wonder why these accidents happen to avoid them for your and your passenger’s safety. You also want to know the best steps if your vehicle overturns, And your legal options if the accident involves other motorists.

Read on to know more about vehicle rollover.

Common Causes of Vehicle Rollover

A vehicle rolls over if two or more forces push it to tilt on one side or the front, causing it to overturn. For example, a van moves forward, and another car hits it at the side. The van may roll over because different forces push it out of control.

This accident may happen because of different causes like:

1. Negligent Driving

Negligent driving is a common cause of vehicle rollover as it could make a driver lose control over their automobile.

For example, a fast-moving truck may roll over if it recklessly makes a sharp turn. The enormous mass and the sudden direction change could push the truck to tilt and fall.

2. Road Conditions

Particular road conditions may also cause your automobile to roll over.

For example, a pothole may trip your car and cause you to lose control. Wet roads also pose significant risks as they reduce the contact between the road and the tires, causing automobiles to slide and overturn.

3. Road Accidents Involving Other Vehicles

An at-fault motorist could also become liable for overturning a car.

An example is when another motorist hits your car. The force would push your automobile to the side while your tires still move forward, causing your car to overturn.

A car with a drunk driver may also drive erratically and push you to take a risky action. You may suddenly turn your car to avoid the other motorist, lose control, and roll over.

4. Automotive Defects

Your automobile may also lose balance and overturn because of poor maintenance or sustained damage from the road or other motorists.

For instance, a minor collision with another automobile may damage your suspension system. While you may be able to drive from the accident safely, the damage could make your car unstable and eventually roll over.

Another example is a tire blowout, which can suddenly cause you to lose control of your car and overturn it.

Points to Remember After Your Vehicle Rolls Over


Now, here’s what you should remember if your automobile overturns:

  • Immediately call an emergency medical team to check your health condition. A rollover accident could cause deadly injuries that need urgent treatment. Seek immediate medical evaluation if you don’t have visible injuries to ensure you are safe from hidden conditions.
  • Call the police to investigate the accident scene. The officers will record their investigation in a police report that you can use when claiming compensation.
  • Hire a Glendale auto accident attorney to help you handle your case. They could help claim your deserved compensation if another motorist made your automobile overturn. Your legal representative can also help you face a lawsuit if your uncontrollable vehicle hits another motorist or pedestrian.

Consult an Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale After Your Car Rolls Over

Keeping the common causes of an auto rollover in mind could help you prevent this from happening to your vehicle. So, drive responsibly, be careful in poor road conditions, and maintain your automobile.

Moreover, remember the vital steps if you encounter this accident. Hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney will help handle your car roll-over case.

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