Top Five Ways to Increase the Chances of Your Receiving Glendale Disability Benefits


Have you heard your friends/associates complaining of rejected social security benefits applications?

Do you wonder what you can do to increase the chances of not having your application denied?

And what should you do if you face a denial?

You aren’t alone.

Many people wonder the same thing.

They wonder if it’s possible to ensure they have a good chance of winning their social security disability benefits case. Some of them are diagnosed with disabling conditions by their doctor, but their disability benefits application gets denied.

And most of them end up making the huge mistake of starting over with a new application.

This doesn’t help them at all and only ends up with a denial. They should, on the contrary, opt to appeal if rejected instead of starting over again. There is a better chance of getting approved through an appeal.

This is one of the many tips you need to remember to ensure a successful social security disability benefits application. Here are five more valuable tips to consider.

1. Accurate Application

The chances of denial are reduced if your application is accurate and compelling in the first place. Make sure you provide all relevant documents like medical records. And give the correct dates and numbers while filling out your application forms.

2. Do Not Forget the Deadline

You must know you’re deadline and submit your application well in time. It’s because the Social Security Administration offers 60 days for appealing your case. They also have deadlines for returning paperwork and making appointments to see their doctors.

3. Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions to the Dot


It’s essential that you clearly describe your symptoms to your physician about your health conditions. They will thus be able to provide the proper treatment for you to follow.

And once they provide your treatment schedule, make sure you comply with their treatment plan.

So if you are perhaps advised of physical therapy, you have to attend the sessions as instructed. You also have to take your prescribed medication for as long as your doctors recommend you to do so. Failure to do so only increases the chances of a denial.

4. Submit Only Complete Applications

You must provide not only accurate details but also a complete application.

This means you need to gather all the required information for a complete application. This includes your medical records related to your health conditions, and of course, your work history.

5. Hire an Experienced Glendale Social Security Benefits Lawyer


Your chances of approval are significantly improved if you work with an experienced attorney. They are experienced with disability law and will guide you with your application process.

It’s not easy to file for disability benefits.

An attorney will ensure you have a robust application that renders your case up-to-date. Let your social security benefits attorney take care of the burden of filing your application for you. You can rest assured that their application will most probably not end up rejected.

There’s no need to worry about their fees too.

Social security attorneys generally work on a contingency basis. This means that you pay them only if they win your case for you.

Besides, you don’t even have to do the paying.

The SSA directly pays them their fees from your benefits. It ensures there is no way they can charge higher or ask you more as fees. There is a set percentage the SSA adheres to while paying your attorney for their services.

It’s a win-win solution for you with your attorney by your side.

They provide a professional and complete application that increases the chances of approval. And you pay them only if they do get you your rightfully deserved benefits!

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