Three Things You Can’t Tell Your Workers Comp Doctor


You may have gone through a medical evaluation and treatment with your physician when filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, the insurance company still wants to verify your condition and requires that you take an independent medical exam (IME).

The thing is that a workers’ comp physician selected by the insurance provider within its network performs the IME. So, you must be careful with what you say throughout the process to protect your case.

There are mainly three things you have to avoid saying to a workers’ comp physician. Consulting a workers’ compensation attorney in Glendale will also help prepare for the procedure.

What Not to Say to a Workers’ Compensation Physician in an IME

The worker’s comp doctor technically works for the insurance carrier.

They will evaluate your overall health during the IME, like determining the extent of your injury and disability. However, they will also ensure your statements are consistent with your condition. The doctor will then report any inconsistencies to the insurance provider which may affect your case.

So remember to avoid saying these three critical things in an IME:

1. False Information about the Symptoms You Experience

Always be truthful to the workers’ comp doctor with any information about your injury.

Don’t exaggerate the symptoms, like claiming to suffer from severe pain if you only experience minor discomfort. Don’t hide information about pre-existing injuries too.

The physician will use thorough examination procedures and technology to determine your actual health condition and skillfully spot any inconsistencies with your statements.

2. False Statements about the Injury-Causing Accident

You must also be honest about the circumstances surrounding the accident that caused your workplace injury.

The doctor may notice inconsistencies regarding the accident you say has caused your injury. For example, they may doubt if that accident could result in the severe symptoms you experience.

Moreover, the insurance carrier may conduct separate inspections in the workplace accident area. Inconsistencies between the IME and the area investigation statements may damage your claim.

3. Negative Statements about Your Employer

Aside from being dishonest, don’t be rude through the procedure too. Specifically, don’t say anything negative about your employer, even if you feel frustrated because of the workplace accident. Remember that anything you say during the IME can affect your case.

The remarks about your boss may have nothing to do with your health condition. However, the doctor may still relay such details to the insurance carrier.

Additional Tips to Protect Your Claim while You Take the IME


In addition to avoiding the three statements mentioned above, these tips will help you through your independent medical exam.

1. Call your workers’ compensation attorney in Glendale and ask for some advice. They may provide specific reminders for your claim, like revealing certain details to the doctor.

2. Don’t skip or be late to the procedure without valid reasons. If you do, the workers’ comp doctor and the insurance company may think you are not taking the case seriously. Call the physician if you have acceptable reasons, like suddenly experiencing severe pain with your injury.

3. Lastly, don’t exaggerate your movements and behaviors throughout the examination. For example, don’t pretend you feel severe pain if there’s none. The physician will eventually discover you are faking your actions.

Hire a Glendale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Protect Your Claim

The independent medical exam will significantly affect your workers’ compensation claim. So, be careful when with the workers’ comp doctor and avoid actions and statements that may damage your case.

Consulting a reliable workers’ compensation attorney in Glendale beforehand will also help you prepare for the IME.

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