Ten Factors You Need to Know Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

personal injury lawsuit

Is this the first time you are filing a personal injury lawsuit?
If yes, you should be aware of these ten factors before opting to file.
It helps keep you better prepared for making a claim and thus increases your hopes of success.

1. Two Options to Win Cases

Cases can be settled through an out-of-court settlement or through a trial. Settlements are agreements between the victim and defendant about the compensation to award the victim.
Cases resolved through trials depend on the verdict the court makes. It’s when you can’t reach a settlement that your lawyer opts to go to trial to recover your rightfully deserved compensation.

2. Personal Injury Claims Take Time


Personal injury cases are complicated and take time to reach a conclusion. To make things worse, insurance companies tend to drag the process so that you ultimately cave in and agree to a low settlement.
Attorneys work at quickly bringing a solution to your case while achieving the best compensation for you.

3. Personal Injury Claims Protect You

Personal injuries leave you with medical bills, lost income, emotional stress, and difficulty performing everyday tasks. It’s a personal injury lawsuit that protects victims like you through appropriate compensations.
And it’s a personal injury lawyer who can help ensure you recover your rightfully deserved compensation.

4. Get the Facts Right

Various factors determine your claim value. It isn’t easy pinpointing the claim’s worth without first getting your facts right. So make sure you note down everything that happened before and after the accident.
And if possible, get contact details of eyewitnesses and any security camera footage.

5. Don’t Miss Deadlines

Each state has its statute of limitations. Your attorney knows it and will ensure you don’t miss deadlines while making claims from your state.

6. Work at Establishing Negligence

personal injury lawyer

The secret to winning your case depends on establishing that your injury was a consequence of someone else’s negligence. The other person can be liable for any resulting damages if you prove they had acted negligently or contributed to your injury.

7. Never Sign Anything Immediately.

Insurance companies are always looking to close cases through quick and low settlements. They may even convince you that you don’t require an attorney because they don’t have your interests in mind.
They prefer dealing directly with victims like you who don’t know the laws to settle for lower compensation. So don’t sign anything unless and until you consult your attorney.

8. Prompt Action Gives Better Results

Don’t delay hiring a Glendale personal injury lawyer. They can help:

  • Guard against mistakes like revealing too much information
  • Ensure you document your injury
  • Guide you through complicated legal procedures
  • Represent you while communicating with the insurance company

Besides, the sooner you hire an attorney; the clearer is your accident details. It’s also easier to collect relevant receipts, evidence, and witness information.

9. A Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale Can Help You Recover More


You have a better chance at recovering more compensation with a lawyer’s guidance than doing it alone. Attorneys have the experience and know-how to properly value and negotiate claims to reach a reasonable settlement.
Besides, they can represent your case in the best light in front of the jury if the insurance company isn’t willing to negotiate.

10. Nothing Paid Upfront

Most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis where you pay nothing upfront. You have to pay the lawyer only if they win your case for you. In other words, you don’t pay their fees from your pocket but out of the settlement they bring you.
With your facts right, you act better to improve the chances of winning your trial, and recovering your rightfully deserved compensation.

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