Five Ways to Strengthen Your Social Security Benefits Application

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers disability benefits for people who can’t work because of disabling physical or psychological conditions. These benefits provide financial support that disabled people can use for daily living expenses and medical treatment costs.

The problem is that the SSA implements strict requirements for the application process. As a result, only around 36% of all disability benefits applications get approved.

You thus need to know the best ways to strengthen your application and get approval. Here’s how.

How to Get the SSA Approval for Disability Benefits Application

1. Check Your Eligibility

First, ensure you are eligible for disability benefits.

The SSA generally defines disability as a health condition that prevents a person from working to earn enough income. It should also last for at least 12 months or cause the person’s death.

For example, the SSA may qualify a delivery boy who sustained a permanent leg injury as their condition prevents them from driving. However, the agency may deny the application of a graphic artist who gets the same leg injury as they can still handle their job.

On a side note, be sure you already have 40 disability credits when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Otherwise, you may try opting for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

2. Collect Medical Evidence

Next, gather as many medical documents as possible, like:

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Medical report
  • Laboratory test results
  • Medical bills
  • Medication prescription and receipts

These documents should prove your disability and how it affects your quality of life. For example, your medical report could prove your disability, and your medication receipts could show you are indeed on intensive treatment.

You may also ask your physician to complete a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) form that proves the tasks you can complete despite your disability. You will likely qualify if the RFC form proves your disability causes you significant limitations.

3. Consult a Social Security Benefits Lawyer

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Always hire a Glendale Social Security benefits attorney to:

  • Ensure you don’t miss any requirement
  • Optimize your disability claim to get an SSA approval
  • Guide and represent you throughout the entire process
  • Help you if an appeal is necessary

The SSA will take an amount from your benefits to pay your legal representative. However, that’s a reasonable amount as you could lose your entire disability benefits when you apply without an attorney.

4. Prepare the Application Form

You can get the disability benefits application form from the SSA website or the local office.

Take your time completing the form and ensure all information is true and accurate. So, never place details that you can’t prove using strong evidence like your medical records.

It’s better to complete the form with your lawyer so they can guide you.

5. Don’t Fake the Symptoms

Consistency is a crucial factor in disability benefits applications. Thus, any claim should remain consistent with the medical documents you have.

For example, don’t fake that you’re experiencing chronic pain during the disability evaluation. The SSA staff will closely observe your movements and check your medical documents. If they notice any inconsistency, you are likely to end up with an application denial.

On a side note, it’s better to continue with your treatment throughout the application process. It could prove that you are still suffering from a disabling condition.

Call a Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Glendale to Optimize Your Application

Getting your disability benefits application approved is a challenging process. You thus have to keep the tips above in mind to increase your likelihood of receiving your benefits.

A Glendale Social Security benefits attorney will help optimize your disability claim and prove your condition to the SSA.

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