Can I Get Social Security Disability for Cerebral Palsy?


Do you have Cerebral Palsy?

Are you the parent of a child with this disability?

If yes, do you wonder if you can get Social Security benefits to help in your situation financially?

The good news is people with cerebral palsy and parents of kids with CP are entitled to receive Social Security Disability Insurance. However, you must remember some key points when applying for disability benefits.

You may consider consulting a Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer to guide you with your application tool.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders that affects a person’s movement, balance, and muscle condition. It primarily affects the brain’s motor cortex and weakens the muscles.

Depending on the severity of their condition, the victim consequently experiences difficulty performing motor functions such as walking, standing, and even talking.

CP can also impair sensory perception and affect the sense of touch, hearing, and sight. Moreover, it decreases the efficiency of some intellectual skills such as remembering and focusing.

Disability Benefits for People with Cerebral Palsy

People with cerebral palsy and parents of children with CP are entitled to receive disability benefits. However, you must prove the severity of your condition to start receiving these benefits.

SSDI Benefits for Parents of Kids with Cerebral Palsy

According to listing 111.07, a child must have a severe case of CP to qualify for benefits. So it helps if you attach your child’s medical records to the disability benefits application. The documents can prove the extent of your child’s cerebral palsy and can speed up the application process.

Your child must have difficulties moving in at least two extremities. They must also have problems doing simple functions, such as walking, standing up, and grasping, among other movements.

However, you can also prove that your child experiences other difficulties because of CP if they don’t automatically qualify for the listing. The SSA may also consider other factors, like difficulties with socialization, doing different tasks, and extended hospitalization, among others.

Moreover, remember that your child needs to undergo a reevaluation when they reach the age of 18. That is to apply the stricter rules of SSDI for adults to your child.

SSDI Benefits for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

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You’re entitled to SSDI if severe disability due to CP makes you unable to work full-time. To automatically qualify, you must satisfy any of these criteria from listing 111.07:

  1. Can’t move at least two of your extremities, either two arms, two legs, or one arm and one leg.
  2. You experience severe communication problems because of speech, hearing, or visual difficulty.
  3. You experience severely limited intellectual processing, socialization difficulties, and an inability to concentrate on tasks. However, you must satisfy particular minimum limitations set by the SSA.

The SSA still considers your application if you don’t satisfy the criteria above. They will look at the extent of your disability by evaluating your ability to perform each day at work.

A medical consultant will check you and help you fill out a Residual Functional Capacity form to rate your disability. That’s how they determine the disability benefits you deserve.

Apply for SSDI with the Help of a Social Security Benefits Attorney in Glendale

Disability benefits can significantly help people with cerebral palsy. However, as a victim, you still need to satisfy some requirements when applying for SSDI.

Fortunately, the SSA can expedite the process for you, so you don’t need to wait for a few months to get the approval. And talking with a seasoned Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer can help you prepare for the SSDI application too.

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