Six Tips to Minimize the Risks of Winter Weather Accidents

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“Winter tis the season to be jolly…!”

It’s very true to the fact that it’s the month of Christmas. However, it may not always be jolly for everyone because auto accidents are high in winter.

And why is this so?

It’s because the combination of wet, slippery roads and poor visibility makes the easy task of driving risky. The freezing temperatures don’t make things easier either; it is difficult for most people to react quickly enough to avoid accidents.

But like most things in life, prevention is always better than cure. It applies even to auto accidents that commonly occur in winter.

How to Prevent Car Wrecks in Winter

Despite sleet, snow, and ice making roads dangerous for driving, you can’t stay all the time indoors. You will have to drive to work, for shopping or visit someone.

However, you can take these necessary precautions to stay safe on the roads.

1. Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Winter-Ready

Most importantly, make sure your vehicle is winter-ready. It goes a long way in keeping you safe while driving.

2. Be Alert and Careful While Driving

Auto accidents don’t just occur by ramming into another vehicle. There is always the risk of the car skidding and crashing into some obstacle like trees. There are some extra precautions to take if you will be doing lots of night and long-distance driving. These preventive measures are applicable not only in winter but while driving throughout the year.

3. Always Check Your Brakes, Tyre Pressures, and Wear Before Starting

It’s even better if you have a professional check your car. They will identify any auto problems and service your car to have it ready in time for the drive. They will also take care of trivial things which you may forget, like replenishing the windscreen washer fluid.

4. Always Have a Fully-Equipped Emergency Kit in the Car, Especially During Winter

The kit should include:

  • An ice-scraper
  • Jumper cables
  • A pair of work gloves
  • A high-visibility safety vest.

They are more than enough to take care of any emergency problems that occur while driving.

5. Always Have a Fully Equipped First Aid Kit on Board

You also need a fully equipped first aid kit on board for all your journeys. You never know when you may get minor cuts or bruises and need some first-aid.

6. Charge Your Phone

Don’t forget to carry a fully-charged mobile phone, especially if you are traveling long distances. It can be your savior if you get lost or end up in an accident.

Common Auto Accident Injuries and What to Do?


Despite all the precautions you take, there is always the risk of someone else ramming into your vehicle.

Or you may encounter a blind spot and end up hitting a lamppost.

Whatever the reason or accident, the most common injuries that occur through auto accidents are fractures, spinal injuries, and whiplash. And they may have mild or server repercussions on your life.
Spinal injuries can render you bed-ridden or a paralytic, while fractures may be mild, or take a long time to heal. Whiplash is an injury you may not recognize at first but can trigger severe neck pain and discomfort.

These injuries will take their toll on your pocket.

Not only do you have medical bills piling up, but there are also auto repair bills to pay.

That’s why it’s always better to consult your Glendale auto accident lawyer if you get involved in a car wreck. They will guide you into claiming compensation for all your existing injuries and treatment, along with future treatment.

And there’s no need to worry about fees too.

Most auto accident attorneys in Glendale work on a contingency basis. This means that you needn’t pay anything upfront.

You have to pay them only if they win you your case and compensation.

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