Six Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Glendale


One of the perks of working in California is its workers’ compensation laws. Its no-fault policy helps injured employees receive medical care and lost wages no matter how or why the injury happened.

Despite this, making claims is not easy because most insurance companies and employers avoid paying benefits until necessary. They usually claim that they don’t think you were injured at work or that you suffered a work-related injury.

This is where a Glendale workers’ compensation attorney can help you receive your rightfully deserved benefits.

Read on to learn about the five other reasons to hire an attorney if you get injured at work.

1. The Employer Doesn’t Report the Injury

According to California’s workers’ compensation system, employers and insurance companies need to comply with some requirements while providing workers’ comp.

It includes the employer reporting your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance company. They also have to give you a workers’ compensation claim form to complete to initiate proceedings.

However, some employers refuse to report your injury.

An attorney can help take quick action, so there’s a chance of your receiving your compensation.

2. Getting Fired After the Work Injury

It’s against California law for employers to fire employees injured on the job or who request workers’ compensation benefits. If this happens, your lawyer can subject your employer to additional penalties like fines.

3. Not Knowing How Much You Should Receive

Some workers don’t know how much they should receive after a work injury.

Some don’t even know they can apply for benefits.

To make things worse, employees generally trust their employers to tell them how much they will receive.

Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies are always looking for ways to pay their injured workers as little as possible. Some even offer bad and wrong advice to the employee and pay only part of their deserved compensation.

So. it is your Glendale workers compensation attorney who will clearly explain and tell you how much you stand to receive.

Your receivable benefits include:

  • Medical treatment costs and follow-up procedures
  • Lost wages
  • Disability payments based on injury severity

4. Trouble Communicating With the Employer’s Doctor


Injured employees generally have to choose a doctor from their employer or workers’ compensation insurance company’s medical provider network (MPN).

But, you may not feel comfortable with an MPN doctor. You may feel the doctor doesn’t take care of you like your family physician does, and want to change doctors.

The problem is that you are limited to switching to only another doctor in the network.

You can choose a doctor if there’s no MPN, but it isn’t easy finding one willing to treat you. Your attorney, however, can help you find the best doctor for your health situation and injury.

5. The Employer Doesn’t Offer Alternate Employment Upon Returning to Work

You may not be able to work in your previous job after recovering from the injuries. But you need to work and support yourself and your family.

The typical work restrictions doctors advise after severe injuries are no:

  • Overhead lifting
  • Lifting of heavyweights
  • Standing, sitting, or walking for extended periods
  • Bending, twisting, and repetitive movements
  • Working in dangerous working environments

So you generally will be restricted to performing only sedentary work like desk jobs. If your boss doesn’t have a suitable job opportunity, they should give you a retaining voucher.

You can use it to learn new trades for a new line of work. However, you need this proof to avail the benefits:

  • Your doctor’s statement that your permanent work restriction was a consequence of your work injury or illness.
  • Your employer won’t or cannot offer modified or alternate work befitting your doctor’s restrictions.

Employers may refuse to give you this voucher or a new job.

This is when you need to call in your lawyer.

In short, you don’t usually need help claiming your workers’ comp in California. But hiring an experienced Glendale workers comp lawyer helps ensure you receive the benefits you are legally entitled to.

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