Seven Personal Injury Claims Myths Everyone Should Know


You are as it is tired of the accident pain.
And the bills don’t make things easy.
While contemplating hiring a personal injury lawyer in Glendale to file a claim, these seven myths make you think twice.
It’s not surprising, as filing personal injury lawsuits isn’t something you do every day.
However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know its facts and truths.
And this is precisely what this article does; dispel the seven myths surrounding personal injury claims.

Seven Myths about Personal Injury Claims Dispelled

Myths usually arise because of false information passed on by insurance adjusters and groups opposed to civil litigation. The sad part is that many believe these myths, which in turn deprive them of much-needed only after an injury.

1. Minor injury claims aren’t worth it

It’s not only the catastrophic injuries that you have to claim for.

You should also claim minor injuries as you never know; they may be more severe or permanent than assumed. Never downplay minor injuries because they seem insignificant superficially.
Always consult your doctor and discuss your rights with your attorney.

2. Insurance companies keep our interests at heart

Don’t get fooled by the compassion, empathy, and reassurance the insurance adjuster may display. Remember, they do this to build rapport with you so they can quickly close deals, and you don’t hire a lawyer to seek higher compensation.

3. Lawyers and court trials are never-ending

Lawyers and court trials are undoubtedly longer than settling with the lowball payment the insurance company offers you. However, an experienced Glendale personal injury attorney can decide and get maximum compensation for injuries sustained and expenses spent.
They may take time to collect proof to build a solid case, but the compensation received makes it well worth it.

4. Insurance companies don’t offer more than the initial offer

Insurance adjusters will indeed claim that they are offering the best settlement packages. However, the first offer is usually the lowest the adjuster believes you will accept.
They will do their best to make you accept their proposal so they can quickly settle and close the lawsuit. And if you reject it, most even resort to delay, deny, and defense tactics.
On the contrary, hiring an attorney is the best thing you can do to get the highest compensation possible.

5. The at-fault party pays out of pocket

personal law

An accident may occur to passengers in a vehicle driven by family members, friends, or co-workers. The myth that filing a lawsuit will make the at-fault individual’s life miserable may make you decide not to file a claim.
However, this is false because, most of the time, the at-fault party’s insurance provider handles the payment and settlement.

6. Personal injury attorneys are dishonest

Insurance companies do their best to make people believe that attorneys are dishonest or greedy. While there may be a few bad apples, most personal injury attorneys are ethical.
Most ethically work at holding negligent parties accountable, and help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and any non-economic pain and suffering.
At times, they may also award punitive damages to punish egregious defendants.

7. You can file a claim anytime you want

No, this isn’t true.
Each state has its statute of limitations for filing lawsuits after an accident to ensure evidence is available and that litigation handling takes place on time. The state dismisses any claims made after the window closes.

Contacting your personal injury attorney in Glendale to get your deserved compensation

So if you suffered from an injury but haven’t filed a claim because of these myths, it’s time you learned the actual facts!

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