Do You Have the Right to Sue Uber for Wrongful Death?


It’s painful to deal with a loved one’s untimely death because of a car crash. While grieving, you want to penalize the at-fault driver and claim compensation to cover financial losses and emotional distress.

However, what if the accident involves an Uber car?

Do you wonder if you should sue the at-fault driver in a wrongful death claim or take action against the ridesharing service provider?

The answer is, yes, you may sue Uber for your loved one’s death. However, it’s a complex case with crucial considerations you must know.

This post will guide you on suing the ridesharing service provider for your loved one’s death.

Uber Liabilities in Auto Accident Cases

You may claim liabilities from Uber as the company provides $1 million in insurance coverage to each driver to pay accident compensations. However, this coverage only applies when a ridesharing driver encounters an accident while driving for the ridesharing service.

Remember that Uber drivers only work for the ridesharing service as contractors or freelancers using their private cars. The problem is that personal auto insurance policies only cover private use and don’t include accidents while using vehicles for business.

For example, a ridesharing driver can use personal auto insurance if they encounter an accident while driving to a friend’s home. However, the insurance wouldn’t apply if they were riding the same car but with a passenger inside. They must get a commercial auto insurance policy to cover their car’s business use.

Uber thus provides insurance for their registered driver to fill this requirement. However, to claim compensation from this coverage, you must prove that the accident happened while the driver was on active duty.

Claiming Wrongful Death Compensation from Uber


As mentioned above, the ridesharing company’s $1 million commercial insurance only covers drivers on active duty.

You can thus only claim compensation from the ridesharing company if a car has passengers and if your loved one was a passenger. In some cases, however, the company may cover drivers available to fetch passengers with up to $50,000 insurance.

The problem is that the insurance carrier will try to prove the ridesharing driver isn’t on active duty to avoid liabilities. It complicates the case as you have to sue only the driver to claim damages.

While claiming compensation from the at-fault driver, you may also encounter problems with the personal auto insurance provider. They will also try to avoid liabilities by proving the driver is on active duty.

It’s thus better to hire a Glendale auto accident attorney to investigate your case thoroughly and file the correct claim.

They will determine the ridesharing driver’s status during the accident to know if you should sue Uber or the at-fault driver. Moreover, they will represent you in settlements and court trials to prove your claim.

Wrongful Death Benefits You May Claim from a Car Crash Case

You should receive the following benefits from a car accident case, whether when suing Uber or the at-fault driver:

  • The amount spent on deceased loved one’s medical bills incurred because of injuries from the accident until their death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost financial support the deceased could have provided to the household
  • Loss of companionship,

Consult with your lawyer to calculate the wrongful death compensation you deserve.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale to Claim Wrongful Death Benefits from Uber

You deserve wrongful death benefits if your loved one dies because of a car crash. However, you may face a challenging case if the accident involves an Uber car.

So, remember the points above as a guide in your situation. Hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney will also help handle your challenging wrongful death claim.

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