Top 8 Reasons for Your Auto Accident Insurance Rejection

The last thing a person involved in an auto accident will want is a claim rejection. After suffering from so much pain and expenses, any compensation received will help.
However, there always is the risk of an auto accident insurance rejection.
It could happen if your insurer does not deem your case worthy of compensation.
Or they may believe there is some element of contributory negligence on your part. Examples of contributory negligence include not having third-party insurance cover or not disclosing a pre-existing condition during medicals.
But you needn’t lose hope if your auto accident claim gets rejected. An auto accident attorney in Glendale can help you out.

Top 8 Reasons for Your Auto Accident Insurance Rejection:

Here are eight good reasons for auto-accident insurance claim rejection and what you can do about it:

1. You Were Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving

distracted driving

You can expect to get a claim rejection letter from your insurer if you used your mobile phone when involved in a car accident. The greatest danger comes from making and receiving calls or playing with their phones instead of focusing on the road.
You may face rejection even if you are communicating hands-free. It’s because the conversation itself is a distraction leading to increased crash risk.

2. You Were Speeding

Speeding increases the risks of getting involved in an accident, especially when traveling above the speed limit on motorways and rural roads. Going too fast when the accident happened is the sufficient reason for claim rejection.

3. Too Young or Too Old

Insurers ask the drivers’ ages and experience to keep premiums as low as possible. Your insurer may thus decline to refund any premiums if you are below the legal minimum age for driving. They can reject claims even if you have a full license. Even too old drivers are likely to face claim rejection if involved in an accident.

4. You Were Not Wearing a Seatbelt

seat belt wearingAnother good reason for auto-accident insurance claim rejection is failure to wear a seatbelt. As it is the law in most countries, you may also have to pay a fine for not wearing a seatbelt.

5. You Were Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

It is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; it increases the risk of getting involved in a crash. Your insurer is likely to decline your claim if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred.

6. You Were Tailgating the Vehicle in Front

Drivers who follow too closely (tailgate) increase the risk of a car accident. They make it difficult for the driver in front to avoid a collision. There would be a good chance of a claim rejection if you were tailgating when your accident happened.

7. You Were Speeding on Minor Roads or Within Built-Up Areas

Drivers who speed face a higher risk of car accidents on any road. But speeding on secondary roads or within built-up areas is even riskier. It’s this kind of behavior that leads to excessively high insurance premiums. Besides, there’s the risk of a claim rejection if you were speeding in these spots.

8. You Did Not Have the Minimum Third Party Insurance Cover

accident scene recordings

In many countries, it is compulsory to carry a minimum level of third-party car insurance. It covers the costs of injuries and damage to other people and their property. Your insurer might reject your claim if you were involved in an accident without this essential coverage. You might face rejection even if you had comprehensive insurance on your vehicle.
Now, you know why you may receive a claim rejection letter from your insurer. You also know where you stand and what to do next for example, if the facts are against you, it’s better not to make a claim. You could risk losing your no-claims bonus as well as paying much higher premiums.
Whatever the reason for rejection may be, your Glendale auto accident attorney can help find a solution.

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