Is it Possible to Stop Glendale Social Security Benefits Payments to Get Higher Payments by Restarting Later?

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Yes, it is possible to temporarily stop your Glendale social security benefits payments and restart later on to get higher payments. However, there are some factors and consequences you need to bear in mind before making a decision.

About the Suspension of Retirement Benefit Payments

You can ask the Social security administration to suspend your social security benefits if you have reached your full retirement age but aren’t 70. This way, you earn delayed retirement credits every month for as long as you suspend your benefits.

You, in turn, end up receiving a higher benefit payment.

Your full retirement age is, however, different if you qualify for benefits as a survivor.

Here are a few other points to keep in mind before requesting a suspension of your benefits:


  • You can voluntarily suspend your benefits for the month you don’t receive a payment if you apply for benefits but aren’t sure you are entitled to them or not.
  • You can voluntarily suspend your retirement benefit payments up to age 70 if you are entitled to receiving benefits. The suspension starts the month after you place your request.
  • Remember that we pay social security benefits for the month they are due. This means that if you request for a suspension of benefits in June, you stop receiving payments the earliest from August. It’s because you receive your June benefits in July.
  • There is no need to give a signed request for suspending benefit payments. The social security administration accepts both written and oral submissions.
  • If you suspend your payments, you will automatically start receiving them once you turn 70.
  • You just have to inform the social security administration if you change your mind. Decide that you want to reinstate your benefits before you turn 70.
  • All voluntary suspension requests start no sooner than the month after placing the request. While advance requests are accepted, the suspension doesn’t start earlier than:
  1. Your full retirement age
  2. The month you are entitled to benefits, in case of initial claims
  3. The month after placing the request
  • If there are others who receive benefits on your record, then they won’t receive benefits for the period of suspension.

Divorced spouses are, however, an exception.

They will continue receiving benefits even after you suspend your benefits.

  • When you voluntarily suspend your retirement benefits, the suspension also applies to any other benefits you may receive on someone else’s records.
  • You, however, will not be able to deduct your Medicare Part B premiums from your suspended benefits or even your suspended spouse’s or ex-spouse’s benefits.

The Centres will bill yous for Medicare & Medicaid Services for future Part B premiums of your supplemental Medicare Part B medical insurance.

Failure to pay premiums on time can lead to your losing your Part B Medicare coverage. The best way to ensure you don’t forget payments is to opt for automatic payment. You can pay from your bank or financial institution account every month.

  • If you request a voluntary suspension of your benefits, the benefits are reinstated after the month of your request.
  • The suspension will render you ineligible to receive any Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits you may be receiving.

Consult Your Glendale Social Security Benefits Attorney Before Deciding

There are so many consequences to stopping your social security benefits payments. Just so that you can restart later and receive higher payments.

It is better to consult your social security disability lawyer in Glendale to decide if you should request a suspension or not.

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