How to Pay Your Medical Expenses While Waiting for a Personal Injury Settlement?


Sustaining injuries from an accident could cause high medical costs and lost wages while recovering.

The problem is that the negligent party in the accident would probably delay the settlement and try to reduce the compensation. You thus have to cover your medical treatment and daily living expenses through other means as the case continues.

Now, you may wonder where to get enough finances for your current medical expenses while waiting for the settlement.

This article will explain the best options to take in your situation.

Handling Medical Costs While Waiting for Personal Injury Compensation

You deserve to receive compensation for your injuries after an accident. However, the at-fault party could try delaying the settlement for their interest, leaving you alone to pay for current medical expenses.

Here’s what you must do in that situation:

1. Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

A Glendale personal injury attorney could help you claim the rightful compensation from the case. They help by preventing the at-fault party from significantly reducing the benefits you must receive.

Moreover, they will minimize delays to receive your compensation sooner than you would if you tried without legal counsel.

A reliable attorney will also suggest the best options to pay or handle current medical expenses while waiting for the settlement. That’s a big help to solve your financial worries while recovering from injuries.

2. Know the Available Payment Options

These are the primary payment options to consider while waiting for personal injury compensation:

  • Medical Insurance

First, you may consider using other insurance to cover your medical expenses, like:

  • Government health insurance like Medicare
  • Private health insurance
  • Your car insurance
  • Insurance from your employer

You only have to select which health insurance policy applies in your case.

You, however, may have to pay a private insurance provider after receiving your compensation. The good news is that they may help with your case to get the highest possible settlement.

  • Lien Basis


You may also consult with your medical service provider about paying on a lien basis. It involves signing an agreement where you agree to pay for the medical services after the settlement. Once you receive the benefits, your lawyer will take an amount to pay the medical liens.

However, you have to pay any amount that exceeds your injury benefits. For example, imagine you owe $5,000 to the medical service provider, but you only receive $3500 as compensation. In this case, you must pay the remaining $1,500 from your pocket.

So, be careful when opting for this payment option.

  • Negotiate with the Medical Service Provider

According to the California law, all hospitals must offer reasonable discounts and payment plans for patients who:

  • Have a family income not exceeding 350% of the federal poverty level
  • Are uninsured

You and your lawyer only have to talk with your medical service provider for this option.

On a side note, you will still receive compensation based on the entire treatment cost even after enjoying discounts.

For example, if your medical bill is $2,000 and the hospital grants you a 10% discount, you should still receive $2,000 as medical compensation.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Glendale to Help Handle Your Medical Expenses

While you deserve compensation from a personal injury lawsuit, you have to wait for the settlement to conclude to receive your benefits. Remembering the options above helps cover your medical expenses while waiting for your compensation.

Also, keep in mind that you must handle your financial responsibilities properly, especially when opting for medical liens or insurance. You should thus consult a Glendale personal injury attorney to handle your payment option and optimize your settlement.

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