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How to Pay an Auto Accident Lawyer If You Have No Money

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Do you want to file an auto accident case, but you don’t have money to pay for a legal representative?

Fortunately, there are different options for you to get a Glendale auto accident lawyer without significant out-of-pocket expenses. These choices offer great legal support for your car accident case while recovering.

1. Have a Court Appointed Attorney

Remember that everyone has a constitutional right to an attorney. That’s why the court appoints public legal representatives to clients who cannot afford private legal services.

However, the court often provides legal counsel as defendants in criminal cases. Consider other options if that condition doesn’t apply to your auto accident case.

2. Consider Legal Aid Groups

Legal aid societies operate almost anywhere in the USA, and they help low-income earners who cannot afford legal services. However, to qualify, your income should not exceed a particular amount.

In 2018, legal aid groups only helped clients who earn $15,175 or less annually. You can contact a local aid society near you to confirm the current income limit that they allow.

If you don’t qualify, they can still help by suggesting other free or cheap legal services. They can even set you an appointment with an attorney specializing in car accident cases.

3. Check the Local Bar Association

There are a couple of ways in which the bar association can help you find free or affordable legal services:

  • Pro Bono Services


Some attorneys offer free legal services in the form of pro bono hours. The American Bar Association requires that bar members of practically all states should donate about 50 hours each year for free services.

Moreover, some lawyers offer pro bono services to enter a local bar association.

  • Special Programs

Local bar associations also offer legal counsel with reduced costs under special programs. Connect with the local bar association and ask about these projects immediately.

However, don’t forget to mention that you need a car accident lawyer when calling a bar association.

4. Inquire with Law Firms

Some private law firms also offer services for low-income people. They get financial support from private donations and the Legal Services Corporation.

You can ask a legal aid society about law firms that offer these services in your area.

5. Find an Auto Accident Attorney in Glendale that has Contingency Offers

You don’t need to pay a lawyer for their service in a contingency fee arrangement. However, they accept part of the settlement amount that you receive when you win the case as payment. On the other hand, they won’t receive any money if you lose the case.

That’s why contingency fees are popular in seemingly winnable civil cases, wherein clients often seek financial settlements or damages. Many legal experts offer contingency fee arrangements for the following types of cases:

  • Personal Injury and Auto Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Employment Discrimination
  • And some other cases

If you think contingency fee arrangements can help you, remember these points before signing an agreement with an attorney:

  • Read and understand all provisions in a contingency fee agreement contract before signing.
  • Know your case’s win rate.
  • Ask how much settlement you’re likely to receive.
  • Know how much percentage of the payout would go towards the contingency fees if you win.
  • Remember that your legal representative cannot change the contingency fee rate without your permission.

Get a Legal Counsel for a Car Accident Case Even If You Have No Money!

Having professional legal counsel is crucial for auto accident cases to succeed. They can help you pursue a liable party and get the compensations you deserve. And it’s a good thing that you don’t need to spend a significant amount on hiring a legal representative in Glendale.

You only have to connect with the best Glendale auto accident lawyer and see how they can help you.

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