What You Need to Know to Select a Glendale Workers Compensation Attorney


Did you know that the right Glendale workers compensation attorney can make the difference between having your claim approved and a successful appeal if denied?

Though many firms are advertising that they work on workers’ compensation cases, you need to select the right person for your case. Here is how you can do it.

How to Get Recommendations for the Right Attorney

Like any other professional, don’t hire the first person you find. It would help if you did your research to hire the right lawyer for your case. You may even have to interview a few before selecting the right one.

· Family, friends, and neighbors can help

Start your search by asking friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. They may have hired someone before, or know someone who has.

However, do not discuss your case with your acquaintances because insurance companies may interview them once you make a claim. Even a small difference in what you told them and in your written claim can prevent you from getting your rightful benefits.

· Bar associations

The local and state associations will help isolate firms that deal specifically and are experienced with workers’ compensation claims.

· The internet

The internet is a great place to start to learn more about law firms in Glendale and referral services to various firms. Study the websites of probable law firms specializing in workers’ compensation issues. The sites give you a good idea about the firm to help narrow down your options.

Qualifications to look for in the perfect Glendale workers compensation lawyer

Once you have narrowed down your options to 3-4 attorneys, it’s time to think about the exact qualifications you seek. Here are some strong skills they should have:

· Specialty

Make sure the person you seek doesn’t just dabble in workers’ compensation but specializes in it. It’s even better if you find someone who knows a lot about your injury.

Some repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are difficult to prove in a claim. It’s better if someone specialized in claims handles them.

· Sole representation

Hire a lawyer who represents only injured employees; not someone who represents injured employees in some cases and employers in others.

· Positive track record

Hire a firm with a long and successful history of helping injured employees gain their benefits. Don’t hesitate to ask for names of past employees the firm had successfully represented. You can call them to find out more about their experience with the lawyer.

· Financially strong

Workers’ compensation attorneys in Glendale work on a contingency basis. They charge a fee based on the benefits you receive if you win the case. You aren’t charged anything if you lose your case.
However, legal costs differ in cases.

Some expert witnesses cost in thousands, which most injured employees cannot afford. So work with a firm that can cover these costs and not charge for them.

· Experience


Look for attorneys with experience handling workers’ compensation claims.

· Communication

Hire an attorney you can talk to when you need to and not be shifted to their assistant or intern. Your chosen lawyer should also share all the gathered information related to your claim. You don’t want to deal with a lawyer who introduces surprise witnesses or evidence at court.

· Strong support staff

There may be some things you can discuss with the firm’s support staff like paralegals or legal assistants. Choose a firm with support staff well-versed and trained in workers’ compensation law. They should also treat you with respect because you don’t want to work with someone dismissive or rude.

· Takes care of your well-being

Look for an attorney who will ensure you receive the best medical care possible. They will find doctors who don’t always side with the insurance company but ensure you get the right treatment you need. They should also be ready to stand up to the insurance company if you are denied these treatments.

Last but not least, your Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer should be ready to work hard. Use your gut instinct to decide who the right person is, who will help you gain the benefits you are eligible for.

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