Do I Need a Glendale Attorney to Apply for SSD Benefits?


There is no straightforward answer to the question.

It all depends on the individual and their cases.

It’s because applying for social security benefits is not as simple as anticipated.

There are lots of calculations to do and many ‘ifs and buts’ scenarios. You may get confused deciding which procedure typically works in your direction, mainly because you don’t apply for benefits every day.

That’s when it’s better to retain the services of a Glendale social security benefits attorney. They submit applications every day and know all about social security benefits, in and out.

The Social Security Benefits Application Process

The initial application process for social security benefits isn’t as easy as filling out forms. It involves lots of paperwork, medical records, and personal information, leading to the possibility of your making mistakes that compromise your eligibility.

So it’s not surprising to learn that many initial applications end up denied.

Why It’s Better to Work with a Lawyer

There are numerous benefits to working with an attorney to file your social security benefits application.

  • Increases the Chances of Approval

Most importantly, they increase your chances of approval. They help you to correctly fill out the forms so that you don’t make any mistakes. They will guide you into compiling the required documents to prove you are eligible for special security benefits.

  • Helpful If Your Claim Has Been Denied

social security

Don’t lose hope or patience if your indicial claim has been denied. It’s most probably because you hadn’t turned to an attorney for assistance in filing for your claim.

Hiring one now can prove helpful through the appeals process.

  • Helps Avoid the Appeals Process

Social security benefits attorneys in Glendale are familiar with the social security review process. They are also well aware of the rules governing eligibility, increasing the chances of your approval.

They will review your initial application information for any inconsistencies and missing elements. Whatever information you provide in the initial application remains a part of your total benefits claim.

So any errors or omissions in the initial forms may affect your complete claim process.

Questions to Ask Your Social Security Benefits Attorney

1. Why Do I Have to Have a Lawyer Present at My Hearing?

It is always better t have a lawyer working on your behalf at the hearing than your doing it on your own. The social security act and various determinant factors are pretty complex and in-depth.

2. Will a Lawyer Speed Up the Process?

Yes, depending on the situation, having a lawyer working on your behalf can help expedite your application. They eventually make the entire application process go faster.

3. How Do I Pay a Social Security Lawyer?

The most common reason people do not hire a social security benefits lawyer is that they worry about their fees. However, the good news is that you needn’t pay your attorney if you were not awarded your benefits.

In other words, it’s only if you receive the benefits that you have to pay them. Besides, some rules restrict and contain the amount of money your lawyer can charge for their services.

According to the Social Security Administration, an attorney can’t charge more than 25% of your back pay, or $6,000. And to make things easier and ensure there are no extra charges, the SSA pays the attorney directly from your compensation.

Hiring a Glendale Socials Security Benefits Attorney Is Your Choice

In short, whether or not you hire an attorney to help you apply for your social security benefits is your personal choice.

It all depends on your case and circumstances.

However, before you decide, remember that having an attorney while filing for benefits improves your chances of receiving benefits.

It’s significantly better to hire a lawyer if the SSA had initially denied your claim and you decide to file an appeal.

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