What You Need to Do If Your Child Is Injured in a Cycle Crash

car accident
It’s easy to panic if you see your child hit by a car while cycling on the road.

You want to rush your child to the hospital, but you also want to take legal action against the at-fault driver. However, you may miss some valuable things at the accident scene that can affect the case outcome, like evidence and witness statements.

That’s why it’s better to try calming yourself down and remember these critical steps to help your child.

1. Secure Your Child’s Safety

First, bring your child to safety, especially if they’re lying on the road after the accident. Other vehicles may accidentally hit your child if left on the road.

However, if possible, do not move your child’s bicycle. The position of the bike can prove how the accident happened.

Moreover, bring your child to the doctor for an immediate examination. This prevents any injury from worsening, especially hidden injuries that don’t show immediate symptoms, like brain and spine injuries.

2. Call the Police

Call the authorities immediately after the accident, or ask somebody to do it while you tend to your child.

The police will investigate the accident scene and record all vital details in a police report. Get a copy of the police report because it is an essential document when filing a case.

3. Get the Car Driver’s Information

Collecting vital details from the at-fault driver makes it easier for you to file a claim against them. For example, getting their car insurance details can help you claim compensation from their insurer.

The essential information you should collect is:

  • Car driver’s name and contact information
  • Car information like license plate number, make, year, and model
  • Car insurance details

Suppose you forget to collect these details because you were overwhelmed by panic and worry about your child’s situation. You can ask for the other driver’s contact and insurance information through the police.

4. Collect Evidence and Witness Statements


You must gather all possible evidence to support a case. Some of the vital pieces of evidence are:

  • Pictures of the accident scene, the car, your child’s bike, and your child’s injuries
  • Video footage, if available
  • Medical documents like medical reports, prescriptions, and bills

Collect witness statements from people who had seen the accident too. Ask for their contact information because your lawyer may get in touch with them.

Moreover, preserve vital scene evidence like your child’s damaged helmet or clothes. And as mentioned above, do not move the bike from its position.

5. Hire a Professional Auto Accident Lawyer

Consulting an auto accident attorney in Glendale helps you through crucial legal steps, like:

  • Conducting a further investigation into the accident
  • Talking with the insurance adjuster on your and your child’s behalf
  • Compiling necessary evidence
  • Determining the best possible benefits to include in a compensation claim
  • Coordinating with all the witnesses for a hearing
  • Representing you and your child in court

These attorney services help provide optimal compensation for your child’s injuries.

For example, they can keep you away from the clever tactics of insurance adjusters. That is vital because the insurance company collects any information that can destroy your case.

Hire a Glendale Auto Accident Lawyer for Your Child’s Welfare

You want to keep your child safe from any complications because of bike accident injuries. You want to help them get the rightful compensation and sue the at-fault driver too.

So, remember the points above to protect your child’s rights after a bike accident. And consulting an auto accident attorney in Glendale is the best step to support you in taking legal action.

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