What Are My Employer’s Responsibilities for My Work-Related Injury in Glendale?


The good news is that if you were injured at work in Glendale, then your employer has to help with your lost wages and other accommodations. It is because each state requires by law that your employer has workers’ compensation insurance.

According to this insurance policy, your employer has to pay the wages lost while you recover from any injury or illness sustained at work.

There are, some workers, like independent contractors, who aren’t protected by workers’ compensation. Besides, sometimes employees end up suing their employer for injuries sustained because of willfully violating a company safety regulation.

Examples are a case of extreme negligence, insufficient workers compensation insurance, and some other limited instances. This is when you will have to claim for your workers’ compensation.

What to Do Before Filing for Workers Compensation

One essential thing you should do before considering claiming for workers’ compensation is ensuring your injury is really work-related. It means that the injury should have happened:

  1. While you were doing something related to your job
  2. On your work premises
  3. While doing something as per your employer’s instructions like running errands

Even injuries sustained during company parties or other sponsored social event, that’s not conducted on the company-owned property, can be claimed for workers’ compensation.

Some employers’ compensation policies even cover work-related injuries that occur while you were not following safety rules like fooling around at work. But some state courts and workers’ compensation laws are divided upon the matter. Your Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer is a better person to ascertain the consequences of your actions in these types of cases.

Examples of Work-Related Injuries


Here are some possible work-related injuries and scenarios which are eligible for workers’ compensation claims:

  • Injuries that occur during lunch break only if they happen in the company diner or somehow involve your employer
  • Alcohol-induced injuries are considered job-related if it occurs during an event related to work as a holiday party
  • Any pre-existing condition that worsens because of the job is considered work-related
  • Mental conditions that occur as a consequence of the job like excessive work stress

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Most states require that their employers provide workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s only workers who are actual employees who are provided coverage when injured.

It means there is no coverage for independent contractors.
And while some states do not protect illegal workers, California’s workers’ compensation laws specifically include undocumented workers like immigrants.

What Happens If Workers’ Compensation Is Not an Option?

Don’t think that your employer isn’t responsible for your work-related benefit just because you are ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. It depends on each case and workers’ compensation insurance policy terms.

For example, if you are an independent contractor, your contract may permit the use of mediation to settle workplace injuries and other disputes. And while an employee can sue their employer if they feel they were intentionally injured in the workplace, it’s not always permitted.

Consult Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Glendale If You Were Injured at Work

Whatever happens, do not waste time if you sustain a work-related injury.
Some injuries may seem minor and don’t deserve compensation at first. However, the symptoms that prove you have a right to claim for workers’ compensation may appear only after a few months or even years.

An experienced lawyer and doctor will determine if the damage is severe and demand workers’ compensation.

You need to consult your doctor to treat and assess your injuries. However, a competent Glendale workers’ compensation attorney can help claim your medical expenses and payment for any future medical treatment.

With the proper proof and records, they can claim compensation for your lost wages and possible loss of work because of the injury.

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