How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Cars


Are you planning to take your dog on a car trip?

That is an excellent idea as you can enjoy a vacation, visit a friend, or move to a new home without worrying about your pet.

However, you probably worry about your dog’s safety in the car. You want them to stay comfortable throughout the journey and keep them safe if your vehicle encounters a road accident.

Thankfully, there are a few helpful tips for keeping your dog safe on a car trip. Just read on and remember these points as a guide.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in a Car

1. Use Proper Dog Car Seat and Seatbelt

seat belt

There are seatbelts and car seats made for dog safety in vehicles. You only have to use one suitable for your pet.

  • Dog Seatbelts

Dog seatbelts feature harnesses you can attach to your car’s seatbelt. Its full-body straps keep your dog in place during a collision or when you suddenly change speed.

These seatbelts may, however, be too large for small dog breeds or puppies.

  • Dog Car Seats

A dog car seat is better if you have a small pet. Just position your pet comfortably on the seat and buckle the straps.

2. Begin with Short Trips

Help your dog get used to riding a car by taking them on short trips before making your long journey. It helps them feel comfortable in your vehicle and avoid motion sickness.

3. Put Them in the Backseat

The backseat is the safest place for your dog in your car, especially during an auto accident. The front area of your vehicle will protect them from the forceful impact in a frontal collision.

Moreover, putting your pet in the backseat keeps them from distracting you while driving, which is vital to avoid causing accidents.

However, remember you can file a property damage claim if your dog sustains injuries from a car crash. A Glendale auto accident attorney will help you claim compensation if this happens.

4. Put Proper Pet Identification on Your Dog

Fitting items on your dogs like microchips, tags, and collars help reunite you with your pet if they get lost while traveling

These items should contain your contact information to help anyone who finds your pet call you.

5. Don’t Feed Them on Travel

Feeding your dog while the car is moving can cause choking or make their tummy sick. Feeding them around three to four hours before the trip is better.

6. Don’t Let Your Dog’s Head Out the Window


You may think your dog should enjoy the view outside the window or be able to breathe fresh air. However, you never know when accidents like a passing vehicle or an object hitting your dog can happen.

So, close the windows or keep the glass high enough to prevent your dog from pushing out its head throughout the trip.

7. Schedule More Stops

Making extra stops while traveling lets your pet stretch to avoid muscle cramps and relieve themselves if necessary. It also prevents your dog from soiling in your car seat.

Call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale for Your Injured Dog in a Car Crash

You want to keep your dog happy, comfortable, and safe throughout your car trip. So, remember the tips above for your pet’s welfare in your vehicle.

However, accidents may still happen and hurt your dog. In that case, take them immediately to the vet for proper medical care. Also, consult a Glendale auto accident attorney to help you file a property damage case and claim compensation for your pet.

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