What If I Was Injured at Home While Doing Work for My Employer?

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With many people working from home nowadays, thanks to the pandemic, one wonders what happens if they get injured while working.
The thought arises because workers’ compensation provides compensation for workplace injuries or while doing something work-related.
While your home is not your workplace, you were working for your employer when you got injured.
The answer to the question is that employees working from home MAY be entitled to workers’ compensation. It all depends on the specific circumstances and consequences.
Here’s what you should know about these circumstances.

Which Out of Work Injuries Qualify for Workers Comp?

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Here are a few situations where workers’ compensation may cover your injury while working at home:

1. Cumulative Injuries

These are work-related injuries that don’t happen all of a sudden. They are a consequence of the degeneration of bones or tissues over months or years.
You can claim compensation for these injuries if you prove that:

  • It’s a consequence of the work activity on your body
  • Some specific work tasks you performed led to the injury
  • You noticed the symptoms while performing some repetitive work
  • A medical practitioner agrees that the employer’s work contributed to the injuries

2. Performing Work-Related Tasks

You could claim compensation if you got injured while performing something work-related, like meeting a client at lunch.

3. Mental Disorders

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Workers’ compensation covers not only physical but also mental injuries due to perhaps stress. Some events like fire or a natural disaster, or work stress can trigger enough stress o cause psychological injuries.
As an employee, depending on the circumstances, you can be compensated for such injuries.
The problem, however, is that it’s not that easy to prove that the injury at home was work-related. This is where your Glendale workers’ compensation attorney can help.
They will collect all the required medical records and evidence to strengthen your case and win you your rightfully deserved compensation.

What Happens to Independent Contractors Injured at Home?

Workers’ compensation laws do not cover independent contractors. However, there is a chance that your employer may not have classified you as an independent contractor.
If this is the case, you have a chance of receiving workers’ compensation. So it’s better to check your job description if you are an independent contractor or not.
You may not be an independent contractor if you:

  • Receive wages every fortnight or month
  • Cannot subcontract projects to others or work with someone else

What Do I Do to Maintain a Safe Home Working Environment?

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Your home area must meet your state’s workers’ compensation policy health and safety standards. It’s always better to ensure you maintain a safe working area at home.
It means that you:

  • Should understand your employer’s instructions to work safely at home
  • Have a designated work area where your family members won’t hang around while you work
  • Should know when and how to report health and safety issues

All this is important as it’s if and when you meet the above criteria are you considered eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Glendale Can Help

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If you do get injured while working from home, it’s always better to consult your lawyer. They know your state’s workers’ compensation laws better and will be able to decide if you are eligible for compensation.
Besides, you have nothing to lose.
Most of them offer a free initial consultation. And you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket. Most receive their fees from the compensation amount you receive.

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