Six Common Holiday Driving Hazards

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It’s great to enjoy the holiday festivities as you join different parties and go on vacation.

The thing is that the occasion also exposes drivers to particular factors that increase car crash risks. For example, winter causes critical driving hazards that you don’t experience during other seasons, like snow and freezing roads.

You must thus know the common causes of these holiday car accidents to avoid them. Also, immediately consult a Glendale auto accident attorney if you were involved in any road accident.

Common Causes of Accidents During the Holiday Season

1. Distracted Driving

Getting your focus off the road while driving, even for just a moment, can lead you to a devastating accident. For example, you may fail to notice a passing vehicle and crash on it in the few seconds spent checking your GPS app.

And many holiday factors can distract you while driving, like:

  • Checking the GPS for directions
  • Fancy decorations and lights on the roadside and establishments
  • Talking with others in your car or through phone calls

2. Impaired Driving

Holiday gatherings often involve substances like alcoholic beverages that may impair your perception and reaction time while driving.

For example, you may unknowingly drive in the wrong lane when drunk and crash into another car. You may also fail to step on the brakes or turn your car immediately to avoid hitting a pedestrian or an oncoming vehicle.

3. Drowsy Driving

Driving when sleepy is another common cause of road accidents during the holidays as it also impairs your road perception. And you may feel drowsy while going late at night after a gathering or driving for a few hours.

Drowsy driving inhibits your ability to notice different road situations like an oncoming vehicle. It’s thus crucial to park your car somewhere safe if you feel sleepy and take a nap for a while.

4. Stress

While the season is generally enjoyable for everyone, it may also cause different stressors, like:

  • Having insufficient funds to enjoy the holidays
  • Hurrying to reach an event
  • Difficulty in procuring the perfect vacation plan

Now, these stressors can make you emotional while driving and lead you to an accident. For example, you may overspend to reach a party on time or do something risky if frustrated.

So, remember to relax and stay calm to keep your emotions from affecting your driving actions.

5. Harsh Weather Conditions

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The harsh winter accompanying the holidays also causes devastating road accidents, even if you drive carefully and properly maintain your car.

It’s thus better to check weather updates regularly and avoid driving when reports predict severe weather conditions.

6. Insufficient Car Maintenance

Vehicles need proper maintenance during winter as the harsh weather poses significant driving risks. Some likely maintenance includes:

  • Replacing damaged windshield wipers
  • Ensuring the lights are in good condition
  • Replacing worn-out tires to keep your car from slipping on wet, snowy, or freezing roads
  • Warming up your car before driving to prevent engine damage

The problem is that many drivers forget about these maintenance routines, increasing road accidents.

For example, the limited road visibility under heavy rain or snow because you didn’t replace your windshield wiper can lead to a car crash.

Consult an Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale to Handle Holiday Car Crash Cases

Avoid these common causes of road accidents during the holidays to enjoy the season.

However, remember that you may file a case if another vehicle crashes into your car. In that situation, hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney helps you claim compensation from the at-fault driver for a holiday car crash.

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