To Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Glendale or Not

Have you injured yourself at work? Do you wonder if you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Glendale or handle your case? It boils down to the severity of your injury and case, and your employer or insurance company’s actions.

When You May Consider Representing Yourself

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You may be able to represent your case in the following situations:

  • You had a minor workplace injury like a twisted ankle or a few sutures.
  • Your employer readily admits to the injury happening at work
  • You didn’t miss too much work because of the injury
  • You don’t have any pre-existing conditions affecting the same body part as the workplace injury. Examples are existing back pain that aggravated because of the heavy lifting at work.

They may be relatively straightforward cases. However, it’s always better to first make use of your free initial consultation with your Glendale workers comp lawyer.

They will explain the matter to you, warn you about any possible pitfalls and decide if you should handle the case on your own or not.

When You Need a Lawyer

It is better to hire an attorney if there are some confusions and complexities in your case. Examples of situations that require a lawyer:

  • The injury prevents and restricts you from workingWork injury

You are entitled to receive weekly payments or a single large sum as compensation for lost wages due to partial or total permanent disability. As these cases end up rather expensive for insurance companies, they try to avoid paying you your compensation.

A Glendale workers compensation attorney can help you get you your rightful compensation.

  • A third party or your employer’s misconduct behavior leads to your injury

Though the workers’ comp system was to prevent civil lawsuits for work-related injuries, you can sometimes sue outside it.

Examples are someone other than your employer injuring you, your employer not having workers compensation insurance, or if your employer purposely injures you. A competent lawyer will be able to explain the best course of action in your situation.

  • Employers denying the claim or not paying benefits promptly

Most employers and insurers reject bona fide claims because they are sure most employees won’t appeal. While it’s usually right, a lawyer gives you a great chance to receive rightful compensation. You anyway don’t lose anything because their initial consultation is free.

  • Settlement amount doesn’t cover your bills or lost wages

Don’t rely on the judge for a fair deal when you are not sure of receiving a reasonable settlement. Judges generally sign off agreements that aren’t grossly unfair. It’s an attorney who works at ensuring the best compensation possible for you.

  • You receive or intend to apply for Social Security Disability benefits

The wrong structuring of your settlement can lead to a significant reduction in your Social Security Disability benefits amount. You can depend on an experienced attorney to draft the perfect settlement agreement to prevent the problem.

  • Retaliation from your boss because of your workers’ comp claim

There is a chance of your employer demoting you, reducing your hours or pay, firing you, or even discriminating against you because of your claim. Contacting the right lawyer can help protect your legal rights.

How Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Glendale Can Help You

Your attorney will help you file the necessary forms, meet deadlines, and gather relevant experience to support your case. They will help make negotiations with the insurance company and even write an appropriate settlement agreement.

Besides, while workers’ compensation was supposed to provide quick and fair compensation to injured employees, it is today beneficial to employers and insurers.

This is where a Glendale workers compensation attorney can help you out. They work at doing everything possible to tilt the scales in your favor. You don’t even have to worry about the fees because they receive only a limited percentage of the compensation you receive.

You now have a better idea of why it’s better to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Glendale to represent your case.

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