Four Signs You May Have a Strong Personal Injury Claim

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Serious injuries bring with them much more than pain and suffering.

You end up with bills to pay and have the arduous task of convincing your insurance providers for your compensation.

With so much to do and on your mind, it’s doubtful that you will even want the hassles of complicated legal proceedings.

However, this is a huge mistake most people with injuries make-not hiring a personal injury attorney for negotiations and legal proceedings.

You especially need to have a lawyer by your side if you have a solid personal injury claim.

This may you wonder if you have a strong case or not.

Well, here are four signs you have to look out for that ensures you have a solid personal injury claim.

Indications of a strong personal injury claim

1. You Cannot Work Because of Your Injuries

You know you have a strong claim if you cannot work or perform your everyday tasks because of the injuries. Remember, severe injuries take time and money to heal, leaving you at home as you can’t work.

Filing for compensation helps ensure you receive compensation for all your medical expenses, future treatment, and even lost wages.

But, this applies only to severe injuries.

Your claim won’t be so strong if you sustain only minor bumps and bruises which do not require attention.

However, you are not the person to determine if you have minor or major injuries.

It is your doctor who can ascertain this.

Sometimes major injuries like whiplash aren’t visible to the naked eye. You may not experience any pain at first. It’s only after some time that the pain gets obvious, and it’s also late to make a claim.

That’s why you must get yourself treated by your physician if you get involved in an accident.

Don’t make the mistake of postponing medical care.

2. The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

You know you are 100% entitled to receiving compensation if someone else was responsible for the accident. As long as you have proof like witnesses and evidence, you have a higher chance of winning your case.

You may also have a strong claim if you played a minor role in the accident.

Yes, the percentage of your fault may reduce your payout.

But as long as it’s substantially relevant, then there’s no reason for you not to file a claim. Your attorney will help you with the filing process to prove how and why you deserve your compensation.

3. You Have Accident Scene Recordings

A video or photo of the accident scene serves as critical evidence and strengthens your claim. Don’t worry if you can’t or aren’t in a position to collect evidence.

A skilled Glendale personal injury attorney will be able to obtain other relevant evidence that strengthens your case.

4. Not Making Critical, Jeopardizing Mistakes


You mustn’t do or say something foolish that ends up threatening even the strongest case like:

  • Posting about the accident, your injuries, recent purchases, and your social life. It’s a mistake because your purchases and social life prove that you aren’t as injured as you claim to be.
  • Not following your doctor’s orders as prescribed. Not attending physical therapy sessions and not taking your prescribed medication only weakens your case.
  • Giving recorded statements to the claims adjuster.
  • Agreeing to any amount your insurance provider makes. They strive to pay you a low compensation as they keep only their gains in mind and not yours.

There you go.

You now know the signs indicating you have a strong personal injury claim.

Now leave it to your personal injury attorney in Glendale to claim and get maximum compensation for your injuries.

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