Five Tips to Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim

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Did you know that about 8.2 million people from the US receive disabled-worker benefits from Social Security? It’s their bread and butter, providing shelter, food on the tables, and medications.

However, the problem is that the filing process is not always easy.

It’s not surprising because you are most probably doing it for the first time. You may make mistakes while filling forms or forget a few documents.

That’s why it’s generally better to seek assistance from a social security benefits lawyer in Glendale. They file applications every day and know what’s needed. Their experience and knowledge drastically improve the chances of receiving benefits without any initial denial.

It doesn’t matter if you hire an attorney or not. So, these five tips can help maximize your chances of success.

Five Tips to Help You Easily Win Your Social Security Benefits

1. Assess Your Eligibility

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There are two social security programs for Americans who can’t work because of mental or physical disabilities:

Social security disability insurance for those with a work history and paid into the system through payroll deductions
Supplemental security income for individuals with little or no income and minimal assets

The eligibility criteria for disability benefits are:

  • Under retirement age
  • A severe impairment makes it challenging to work given your age, education, and past work experience
  • A condition expected to last at least 12 months or can lead to death

2. Apply Immediately


Don’t make the mistake of delaying your application. The social security administration takes at least three to six months to review your initial application. You may end up exhausting your savings and retirement funds if you delay thinking your condition may improve.

Besides, only one out of three initial applications gets approved. So there’s a 66% chance of denial. You will have to appeal a denial.

The first appeal is a request for reconsideration, which takes another two to three months.

The second appeal level is for an in-person hearing in front of the SSA Administrative Law Judge.

It’s only after this that you are in for the long haul.

With such a long wait involved in the claim process, it’s better to file for benefits as soon as possible.

3. Get Help

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The social security disability benefits application process is no smooth journey. There are so many possible mistakes that you may make, only to extend the claim process.

Avoiding these mistakes quickens the process. And the best way to do this is by having someone like an experienced attorney assist and represent you.

4. Build Your Case

Don’t expect to be awarded benefits just by declaring that you are disabled. Or even by having your doctor say you are disabled.

You need to prove your disability through documents like:

  • Financial records
  • Medical test results
  • Occupational specialist statements
  • Doctor, therapist, and counselor bills

These papers help make and strengthen your claim. You can make things easier by collecting and organizing all documents proving your disability once you apply.

5. Perseverance

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As mentioned earlier, the social security benefits claim process is no piece of cake. Be prepared for delays, frustrations, dishearten, and denials for the benefits you had paid through your social security taxes.

It’s normal to get frustrated with a rejected application.

However, let it stop there.

Do not let the frustration lead to a loss of heart.

And don’t make the mistake of giving up.

Many people tend to give up after the first denial.

Why should you not claim the rightfully deserved benefits which you had paid for while working? Why give up on the money? Instead of giving up, get up, hire a Glendale social security benefits attorney, and go through the entire process once again.

This time, with their help, the chances of rejection are significantly reduced. And you may receive your benefits much quicker than expected!

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