Don’t Make These Five Mistakes after a Glendale Auto Accident

car accident

Do you know what you have to do if involved in a car crash? Or better still, do you know what you should NOT do or mistakes to avoid?
Yes, there is a high possibility of making mistakes, especially with the pain and shock of a car wreck.
But it’s better to avoid these mistakes because they can affect the chances of receiving compensation. They can even affect your physical health and obstruct your full recovery.
Here are five things or mistakes you should not make after an auto accident.

1. Neglecting Minor Injuries

Accident victims sometimes think their car crash injuries are not that bad. They feel it’s normal to feel some pain, discomfort, and stiffness after an auto collision.
Unfortunately, these minor signs may be indications of some severe injury and end up aggravating the condition. You thus end up requiring more time and money to treat it.
Besides, as you initially thought you weren’t hurt, insurance companies will question any claims you make later.

2. Saying You Are Okay

Even if you don’t have life-threatening injuries and may not need an ambulance, do not say you are okay.
Don’t say anything.
The insurance company will use these statements to downplay the severity of your injuries and your deserved compensation.
Even if you feel you are well, consult your doctor upon leaving the accident scene. Your doctor will assess your condition and determine how severe your injuries are.

3. Wasting Time to Take Action

Though filing car accident lawsuits take time, you need to act fast if you want to receive compensation. You don’t have all the time to file a case. There are deadlines called statutes of limitations to adhere to, typically last two years but vary with states.
Wasting time can lead to the following problems:

  • Health risks and failure to document the full extent of your injuries
  • Lost evidence as witnesses may forget details, and video surveillance footage can get taped over.
  • Hiring an inexperienced lawyer because experienced attorneys do not handle cases without sufficient time for preparation.
  • Missing lawsuit deadlines entirely and losing your chances of claiming any compensation.

You may opt to wait because you are overwhelmed with bills and the recovery process after the car wreck. Instead of wasting time and being late, hiring a Glendale auto accident lawyer helps ensure you do everything on time.

4. Disclosing Too Much Information to the Insurance Company

car accident

It’s your responsibility to alert your insurance company about the accident promptly. Do just that, and say nothing else. No matter how friendly the insurance company may seem, don’t trust them.
It can ruin your accident claim because they are not on your side. The insurance adjuster’s sole intention lies in saving the insurance company money by paying you less.
They know how vulnerable you are after the accident and seek your trust and information to reduce your payment. Once you open up, you may unknowingly disclose vital information that puts your claim into question.
The best way to avoid this is by referring them to your auto accident lawyer.

5. Not Calling the Police


It doesn’t matter how severe or minor the injuries or collision was. Calling 911 to report the accident is necessary and legally required in some states.

They will determine if any drivers had violated the law and even arrest the driver, which helps your case. And in case of a DUI accident, police officers will determine if the driver was intoxicated.
It’s easier for your lawyer to prove liability in your claim. They won’t need other evidence if the driver pleads guilty or gets convicted for a DUI violation.
Even if the police don’t issue tickets or make arrests, their official report helps your case and lawyer. In short, not calling the police after a car wreck is a huge mistake to make.
Instead of worrying about making any of these five mistakes, hiring an auto accident lawyer in Glendale helps avoid them.

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