Can I File for Social Security Benefits If I Have Low Vision?

Low Vision

Are You Suffering from Low Vision?

If yes, you probably find it difficult to do simple daily tasks like reading and writing. Some activities like driving also become dangerous or impossible to do. You thus may also become unable to work as you can’t properly function in the workplace.

Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may approve disability benefits for people with low vision. You only have to check if your condition qualifies and the options to claim disability insurance.

Qualifying Low Vision for Disability Benefits

Low vision generally refers to severe vision loss that corrective eye devices like eyeglasses cannot solve. However, the SSA Blue Book listing defines low vision as a disability if:

  • You can only see 20/200 vision or lesser in your better eye, despite wearing corrective devices, or
  • Your better eye has tunnel vision and can only see 20 degrees of visual field or less

On a side note, your vision loss may have resulted from other health complications like diabetes. In this case, you may qualify for disability through the criteria for your ailment. You may ask a Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer to check the Blue Book listing about your condition.

How to File Social Security Disability Benefits for Low Vision

Now, here are the steps for disability benefits application for people with vision loss:

1. Consult Your Doctor


First, secure all medical documents that will prove your condition, like:

  • Medical report
  • Doctor’s statement
  • Prescription
  • Treatment bills and receipts

It’s better to visit an ophthalmologist if you want to qualify through the Blue Book listing for eye problems.

2. Submit Your Application

Next, submit your disability benefits application to the SSA. Considering your vision difficulties, here are the options that could help you in this step:

  • Visit a Local SSA Office

You may submit your disability benefits application by visiting an SSA office near you.

You can take somebody you trust to help with the application, like a family member or a friend. However, if you visit alone, the SSA may assist you by dictating the questions in the application form and writing down your answers.

  • Apply Online

You can also submit a disability benefits application through the SSA official website. You only have to supply the online form with the necessary details and requirements.

While you can ask somebody to help you complete the online application process, the SSA website has features that can help you. These accessibility features will allow people with visual impairment to use the site’s functions. Examples are:

  1. BrowseAloud — It’s a browser plug-in that enables your device to read and speak out the texts on the SSA website.
  2. Text Magnification — this feature lets you adjust the size and appearance of the text on the SSA website.
  3. Typing Assistance — You can also use a feature that captures the words you speak and convert them into text on the screen. This function is helpful if you have difficulties using the keyboard.

3. Download and Print Out the Application Form

Lastly, you may download the application form and print a hard copy. You may adjust the text size before downloading it to read the document conveniently.

After which, you only have to scan and upload the document or send it to your local SSA office for submission.

Hire a Social Security Benefits Attorney in Glendale to Claim Disability for Low Vision

It’s great to receive additional financial assistance while you deal with vision loss. Thankfully, the SSA has excellent options to help you apply for disability benefits despite your condition.

And consulting a Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer helps you prepare and submit your application form for fruitful outcomes.

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