Why You Need an Experienced Social Security Benefits Attorney


The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers different benefits programs for people with disabilities, retirees, and deceased employees’ surviving family members.

However, claiming these benefits is a challenging process as the SSA has strict requirements that you must meet. For example, you should meet the Blue Book criteria or submit tons of evidence to qualify for disability insurance.

Hiring an expert Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer is thus necessary when claiming SSA insurance. They offer vital perks that will help you get your deserved amount in lesser time.

Here’s how a Social Security Benefits attorney can help you.

Perks that a Social Security Benefits Lawyer Offers

1. Determine Your Deserved Benefits

A legal representative will help determine the best SSA program for your situation. Remember that the agency offers different benefits, and each program has unique qualifications.

For example, you should collect sufficient work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). You should also prove your condition prevents you from working and earning enough income.

Your legal counsel could suggest you claim Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if you haven’t collected sufficient work credits to qualify for SSDI. They may also check if you qualify for retirement or survivor’s benefits insurance.

2. Collect and Manage Evidence

It’s crucial to present sufficient evidence to the SSA to qualify. A legal expert will help gather the evidence you need to support your claim.

For example, they will list down the medical documents that could serve as solid evidence for your application.

Moreover, they will handle your documentation properly for the SSA to check, like keeping it updated and valid. They may instruct you to secure a new set of evidence every six months to keep your records fresh.

3. Prepare Your Application

Your legal counsel will also help prepare and submit your application documents to the SSA. Remember that you must optimize your initial application to increase your chance of getting approved in lesser time.

They will fill out the SSA application form with compelling details about your situation. They will also attach your documentation copies as evidence.

4. Guide You When Appealing

A Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer will also help you appeal the SSA decision if it rejects your initial application. They will review your claim and determine the necessary improvements to win the insurance.

Moreover, they will help you submit your appeal within 60 days after you receive the SSA rejection notice to avoid missing the deadline.

5. Represent You in Hearings

Attorney Ani Ghazaryan

You need to appear in a legal hearing when appealing your Social Security insurance claim. Your lawyer will then help you by:

  • Collecting additional evidence to present in the hearing
  • Instruct you on how to respond to particular questions
  • Represent you in the hearing and prove you deserve the SSA insurance

6. Only Charge Fees When You Win

You may hesitate to hire a lawyer as you worry about the fees you should pay. Thankfully, these legal experts usually don’t charge upfront payments and only take a portion from your insurance.

The legal representative will first inform the SSA about the amount they charge. The agency will then check and approve the amount and give it to your legal counsel after you win the claim.

Hire a Social Security Benefits Attorney in Glendale for a Successful Claim

The SSA offers excellent insurance for people who need financial assistance. However, qualifying for the program is challenging if you submit your insurance application without an expert guide.

A Glendale Social Security benefits lawyer will help claim your deserved insurance with the advantages they offer.

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