Distracted Driving Is a Common Reason for Auto Accidents

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Did you know that distracted driving is the cause of countless accidents and related injuries?

It’s because, despite so many warnings issued against using electronic devices while driving, many people continue to use it. Their distraction, and lack of focus while driving, is what causes car accidents and associated injuries.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the driver who gets injured.

People around them can get hurt too for no fault of theirs, even if they weren’t using electronic devices.

This is why anyone who gets involved in an auto accident involving a distracted driver should not stay quiet.

You should claim compensation for all medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and any disability incurred by the distracted driver’s driving and accident.

Of course, you won’t be able to do much alone.

You will have to seek an experienced auto accident lawyer’s help and counsel to make a claim. They will help ensure you don’t just get quick cash, but receive the compensation you are entitled to get.

Why Is Texting While Driving So Dangerous?

Many people wonder what is so dangerous about texting while driving. They feel that they can simultaneously do both things, which is why they opt to text while driving.

However, little do they know that using electronic devices while driving is very dangerous because it distracts drivers in three ways:

  • Manual distraction because you take your hands off the wheel to text
  • Visual distraction because you also have to see what you are texting, and thus take your eyes off the road
  • Cognitive distraction because you focus on writing or answering a message. So your mind will not be focusing on driving.

Other Possible Causes for Distracted Driving Accidents

car accident

While texting while driving is dangerous, it’s not the only distraction you may have while driving. There are other distractive actions electronic devices trigger and lead to potential auto accidents.

They include:

  • Taking photos or video
  • Talking on the phone
  • Surfing the internet and social media
  • Checking appointments on the calendar or emails
  • Playing games on the phone
  • Using a web-capable Smartphone for travel directions
  • Holding the phone to converse using video calls
  • Checking or sending messages using the speakerphone
  • Manual or voice-activated dialing

It’s not just electronic devices that lead to distracted driving.
Sometimes drivers may take their eyes off the road while eating, grooming, tending to children or pets, adjusting vehicle technologies, or while searching for things.

In short, ignoring traffic conditions and roads, and not driving safely, can lead to an accident or make it difficult to avoid one.

Here’s How You Can Avoid Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Prevention is always better than cure. So it’s better to work at preventing distracted driving accidents in the first place.

Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Passengers should alert the distracted driver
  • Be committed to driving safely and distraction-free for everyone’s safety
  • Pullover if you need to look up directions or an address
  • Switch off your phone or use apps that prevent incoming calls and messages while driving. Some apps even send a message informing the caller that you are driving
  • Ask your passengers to help you stay focused
  • Plan your schedule so that you have time to eat or groom yourself before or after reaching your destination.
  • Promise, and hold yourself and your loved one responsible for keeping you focused while driving

Remember, a fraction of a second is all it takes to get distracted and get involved in a car wreck. It leads to dire consequences to not only the driver but road users too.

However, it is the distracted driver who will be held responsible for poor focus and driving decisions.

So don’t waste time if you or your loved one gets injured due to distracted driving. Consult and seek help from your personal injury lawyer in Glendale.

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