The Delivery Worker and Risk of Injury

work injury

Delivery workers face risks each day while delivering things to customers. They can sustain injuries from falls, auto accidents, and overexertion, among many other causes.

However, not many delivery workers are aware that they can claim workers’ compensation. They are employees of a firm and can claim compensation because they were injured while working.

This is where a Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer can help. They will enlighten the delivery boy and help them get their rightfully deserved compensation.

Injury Risks Delivery Workers Face

The possible injuries delivery workers sustain on the job include:

1. Slip and Fall

slip and fall

This is a common mishap where a delivery agent falls, trips, or slips while performing a delivery. The usual causes are different obstacles on the ground, but snow, sleet, and ice in winter can cause such accidents too.

2. Injuries from Overexertion

This type of injury commonly results from lifting or lowering heavy packages or containers. The pressure causes strain on the muscles and bones and leads to injuries.

Overexertion injuries like back or knee pain can happen suddenly. However, it’s also common to find delivery workers suffering from the pain of repetitive or continuous movements.

3. Injury from Impact

Delivery workers are also at risk of injuries that result from the impact of an object. Examples include forceful contact with equipment or when another vehicle hits them while walking.

4. Auto Accidents

car accident

Many delivery drivers encounter car accidents while on the road. They lead to different injuries that can cause permanent disabilities or even death.

What to Know about Workers’ Comp for Delivery Workers

Workers’ compensations are benefits that employees get when they sustain injuries. However, workers’ comps have unique benefits that delivery agents should know about.

That is because their job focuses on outdoor activities while delivering different items.

1. Workers’ Comp Applies to any injury sustained on the job

Regardless of the time and place of the incident, you can still get the compensation you deserve.

The only requirement is that you must have been performing your delivery job at that particular moment. You may need a Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer to prove that your injury is work-related when filing a claim.

2. You Can claim compensation even if Injured During Short Breaks


You probably worry about the risks of injuries while taking a break during delivery. For example, your trip while walking to a restaurant for dinner.

Fortunately, workers’ comp covers such accidents that occur while you’re on a short break. That’s because the law considers short breaks as a part of work time for traveling workers.

3. You Should Report an Injury Immediately

Remember that it is vital to report any injury to your employer right away. That is regardless of the time and place of the incident.

Reporting is the first step when claiming workers’ comp. Moreover, your employer should complete the reporting process within 30 days of the accident.

Missing the deadline can lead to your losing a chance to get the compensation you deserve.

4. You Can File a Personal Injury Case in Particular Situations


A personal injury case applies when you meet with an accident because of other people’s negligence.

Examples include auto accidents in which the other car hits your vehicle. You can also make a person liable when you fall after tripping on an unattended object.

When your case gets fruitful results in court, you can get the personal injury compensations you deserve. That is in addition to the workers’ comp you should receive as well.

Just remember that you need to hire a reliable attorney to help you with the case. The right lawyer can help you with both personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Glendale

Being a delivery worker is a unique job that doesn’t focus on a particular workplace. Your workplace includes all locations you go to while delivering goods for the customers.

That is why it’s better to know the unique points of workers’ comp that suit your job. For more details, consult with a reliable Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

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