How Dash Cams Can Help with Your Auto Accident Claim

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Collecting strong evidence is an important part of filing a car accident claim.

Remember that the defendant’s insurance provider wants to reduce your compensation to decrease the amount they have to release. So, you must secure strong evidence that they cannot easily disprove.

A dash camera in your car can provide vital evidence to support your case. It doesn’t just show the actual footage of the accident but also helps give the best outcomes from your claim.

Read on to understand how dash cams can prove helpful in car accident cases.

Five Benefits of Dash Cam in Car Accident Cases

A dash cam can conveniently save accident footages that can help:

1. Prove How the Accident Happen

A dash cam footage can record the whole accident even before it happens.

For example, suppose the other driver was using their cellphone and was distracted, thus, leading to their vehicle crashing into your car. The dash cam may capture footage proving that the other driver was using their cell phone and was distracted before the accident.

2. Prove Who Is At Fault

Actual car crash videos can also prove who caused the accident, even in hit-and-run cases.

As mentioned above, the footage can show how the accident happened and prove that the other driver crashed into your car. However, what if the video didn’t capture the face of the driver before they ran away?

The footage can still help you as it can show vital car information like:

  • Plate number
  • Color
  • Brand, make, and model

The police can then use these details to find the car’s owner. Hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney can also help with the investigation to find the at-fault driver.

3. Protect Your Claim

Video footages are strong evidence as they capture actual events. They are thus hard to disprove, making it difficult for the other party’s insurance providers to damage your claim.

You may thus receive the rightful compensation as the other party would fail in reducing the amount.

4. Prevent an Insurance Rate Increase

Your insurance providers would probably increase your coverage price rate after you meet with an accident.

However, they may keep your insurance policy’s current price if you can prove you didn’t cause the accident. A dash cam footage often provides sufficient evidence in this case.

5. Faster Legal Process

Video evidence is also strong enough to speed up your lawsuit as it can quickly prove a claim.

You thus don’t have to spend more time, effort, and money pursuing a long case and may receive your compensation as soon as possible.

Two Rules To Follow When Using a Dash Cam


While dash cams are helpful, there are rules you must follow when using them in your car:

  1. Place dash cams measuring 7 square inches or smaller at the windshield’s lower right corner to avoid distraction. However, you may place dash cams 5 square inches or smaller in the upper center area.
  2. Don’t place them where the airbags are released.

Inform your passengers that you have a dash cam if the device has active audio recording features. It is to respect their privacy while in your car.

Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale to Handle Your Dash Cam Footage

A dash cam can significantly help you when filing a car accident case as it can prove different vital points.

However, provide your dash cam footage to your lawyer if it serves as valuable evidence. They can then use it properly while representing you in legal proceedings and winning your case.

A Glendale auto accident attorney will help you best use your dash cam footage.

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