Covid-19 Law Firm Safety Protocols


COVID-19 has made things rough for businesses all around. Everyone is taking new steps to adjust and follow safety protocols to take care of their staff and clientele.

We at My Lawyer Glendale are also doing our bit.

We have successfully adopted new working protocols like working remotely and social distancing to function with the new normal.

We have done our bit in letting people know that we are open for business and ready to take on new clients.

However, we are also well aware that you have concerns about your safety. We know that you worry about things like traveling and personally attending hearings, mediation, etc.

We hear you, which is why we work at offering our support and validation to accommodate your needs where possible. Your safety is, and will always be our top priority.

We don’t plan to cancel staff and client meetings just because of social distancing. That’s why we have moved most of our work and discussions online.

We now use more secure messaging techniques to quickly and safely send your sensitive documents. We use online communication platforms like Zoom and Skype to chat and communicate with staff and clients.

We also conduct business development events online, like seminars, lunches, and collaborations. We do it so that we can easily reach out to prospective clients who are in need of a law firm.
Most of our staff are new to using online communication platforms. This is why we collect feedback through text to find out how comfortable you are with us, and if you feel we should improve in some things.

We constantly strive at keeping our staff and clients informed and in the loop about upcoming meetings, document signing, and trial dates.

We will also let you know about any changes to our business hours, and if and when we start functioning as a regular business.

Yes, it is true that COVID-19 has indeed inflicted lots of changes in our lives. However, we are an essential service and work to serve you.

We have our staff and clients in mind all the time and place the utmost importance on your security. That’s why we work with a minimal team at our offices, while the rest of our staff works remotely.

Our office staff come in rotational shifts and maintains social distancing, wear masks, and wash hands frequently. We also wipe down common areas regularly because your, and our safety is our top priority.

Don’t worry.

We are still working on cases and are always here to serve you.

It doesn’t matter what the problem may be. We are always here to listen to your issues.

You don’t have to even worry about coming here because we work with most clients remotely. Even monetary transactions are conducted online for our clients and staff safety.

In short, things are slowly but surely returning to normal here at My Lawyer Glendale.

We focus on mainlining connections and transparency with our clients here. And not to forget building relations of trust, which will have a pivotal role in our business’s future.

We even urge you to contact any one of our attorneys if you have any questions to ask about our safety protocols. We assure you that we have your safety in mind as well as you may have.

That’s why everyone at the firm follows the necessary protocols to continue to serve you while adhering to all COVID-19 safety measures.

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