How Couples Can Max Out Social Security Benefits

couples can max out social security benefits

Optimizing your Social Security benefits as a couple is a tricky idea. It requires careful planning and filing at the right time to enjoy the best retirement benefits.

However, these few tips and your Glendale social security benefits lawyer can help you max out your benefits as a couple.

Tips to Help You Max Your Social Security Benefits as a Couple

1. Remember the Basics for Filing Social Security Benefits

social security benefits

Knowing these essential points while filing for benefits help:

  • While the Full Retirement Age (FRA) is 66 years old, you can claim your Social Security benefits at 62. But by doing this, your monthly benefits can decrease by around 25 to 30%, depending on how early you file.
  • Your monthly benefits reduce if you file before your FRA and while you’re still working.
  • Your monthly benefits increase by 8% for each year past your FRA. until you reach 70 years old. You will, after this, enjoy a total of 32% increase in benefits.
  • Understand spousal benefits well. If you have never worked, you can claim 50% of your spousal benefits. However, this applies only if your spouse files before you claim.

2. Make an Estimation of Your monthly Social Security Benefits

Estimate how much you and your spouse may receive filing at different ages like at 62, 70, or your FRA. The official SSA website has an online tool you can use to estimate your benefits.

3. Consider Your Individual Earnings

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Comparing you and your spouse’s individual earnings helps you decide who should file first.

Ideally, the person with a lower income should file first, and the other should wait until 70. Delaying the filing of the higher earner lets you enjoy higher benefits later on.

Remember that the monthly benefits increase by 8% for every year past the FRA. So if your FRA is 66 and you wait until 70 to file, your benefits can increase by 32%.

4. Choose Your Strategy Wisely

There are a few strategies couples can use to decide when they can claim their Social Security benefits. Choose one that suits your situation the best:

  • You can both claim at 62 if you don’t expect to live long because one or both of you suffer from serious ailments. However, remember that early filing leads to receiving lower monthly benefits.
  • You can consider claiming when you both reach Full Retirement Age, wherein both of you receive 100% monthly benefits.
  • Filing when you’re both 70 years old is the best way to optimize your Social Security benefits. It lets you enjoy an increase of 32% from what you receive at FRA.
  • You can claim at different times as well. As mentioned above, the higher earner can wait until they’re 70, while the lower earner claims at FRA. The higher earner thus gets to enjoy the lower earner’s monthly benefits while waiting to claim.

5. Talk with a Social Security Benefits Attorney in Glendale


A lawyer that specializes in Social Security benefits can serve as your advisor. They will ask both you and your spouse relevant questions to learn more about your unique situation. They will then provide you with valuable advice to optimize your benefits. Moreover, they can help get your filing records and requirements in order too.

Find a Lawyer to Help Optimize Your Social Security Benefits as a Couple

Making the most out of your Social Security benefits as a couple is a complex idea. However, who won’t want extra money in their retirement years! So instead of wasting time and not claiming your rightfully deserved couple benefits, let an experienced lawyer help you out!

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