7 Common Causes for a Motorcycle and Auto Accident

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Motorcycles have higher chances of encountering fatal road accidents because they are significantly smaller than other vehicles. Motorcyclists thus often suffer severe injuries in these accidents like head trauma, deep wounds, spine damage, internal bleeding, multiple bone fractures, and death.

However, most motorcycle accidents involve other larger vehicles and result from either driver’s negligence. And it’s better to know about these accident causes if you frequently travel on a motorcycle.

What Often Causes Accidents Between Motorcycle and Passenger Vehicles

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a leading cause of auto accidents, whether involving motorcycles or not. It is when certain factors distract a driver while driving, like eating, texting, or having preoccupied thoughts.

A distraction can cause a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, and either driver could be at fault. However, the motorcycle driver and its backorder sustain more significant injuries in most cases.

2. Failure to Check the Blind Spots

Many drivers don’t check blind spots while stopping or taking a turn. That’s a critical mistake because vehicles have a few blind spots that make it hard for drivers to notice other cars.

For example, a car driver didn’t check his blind spot and failed to notice an oncoming motorcycle behind. The smaller vehicle may crash if the car suddenly stops or slows down to take a turn.

3. Drunk Driving

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Driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs is another major cause of most vehicular accidents. These substances impair different body and brain functions and affect the driver’s judgment in crucial situations. And thus, increases the risks of road collisions.

For example, a drunk car driver taking a left turn may fail to notice a motorcycle in that direction. On the other hand, a drunk motorcyclist may lose balance and fall in the middle of the road.

4. Overspeeding

Overspeeding makes a vehicle harder to stop because it requires a longer distance to decelerate. As a result, a motorcycle or passenger car has a greater risk of crashing into another vehicle on the road.

Moreover, remember that safe driving speed depends on the road condition.

For example, the top speed on a particular road may be 50kph. However, it is better to drive slowly if it is raining hard to avoid accidents because of the wet road and low visibility.

5. Driving while Feeling Sleepy

Drowsiness can cause similar effects to drive under the influence. It can affect the driver’s mental and physical functions while driving and lead to accidents.

For example, a sleepy motorcyclist may also fall in the middle of the street. That incident exposes the motorcyclist to the risk of being accidentally run over by other vehicles.

That’s why an expert auto accident attorney in Glendale advises all drivers to take breaks if they feel drowsy.

6. Sudden Lane Change

It’s dangerous to recklessly transfer into an opposite lane because it may result in a head-on collision. The other vehicle traveling in the opposite direction may not notice you at the right moment.

A head-on collision caused by a sudden lane change is fatal for motorcyclists, especially if they crash with a much larger vehicle.

7. Sudden Car Door Opening

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Many motorcyclists accidentally crash on car doors that suddenly open at the side of the road.

That’s why motorcyclists should be careful when passing by parked cars at the roadside. On the other hand, car drivers and passengers should be vigilant before opening their doors on the road.

Hire a Glendale Auto Accident Lawyer for Motorcycle Crash

Motorcyclists indeed have higher accident risks than other vehicles. The good thing is that the law protects motorcyclists’ rights, especially if the road accident wasn’t their fault.

Hiring an auto accident attorney in Glendale helps you file a motorcycle accident claim. They will also prove the cause of the accident and your injuries to optimize your compensation.

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