Yes, You Can Claim Social Security Benefits for Amputation in Glendale


Life can be so unpredictable.
You may be holidaying in Venice one day and end up an amputee because of a fatal car accident the next.
The pain of losing a finger, leg, or arm itself is horrible. And there’s the worry that you cannot return to your everyday activities. It makes you wonder if you will receive social security disability benefits.
Unfortunately, an amputated limb or extremity does not always render you disabled enough to receive social security benefits.
Only some types of amputations qualify for disability benefits, but there’s no harm in applying for benefits.
But as there are terms attached, it’s better to discuss your case with an experienced socials security benefits attorney.

Qualifying for Social Security Benefits for Amputation

It’s important to know that the social security administration doesn’t want to know how you lost your limb. It doesn’t matter if it was through an accident or an illness like gangrene and diabetes.
You have to show in your application that you are unable to work in any position. That has to be the prime focus of your social security benefits application.

Automatic Approval for Amputation Benefits

You must meet a few Social Security Administration (SSA) official listing conditions to be automatically found disabled. These conditions are situations where you suffer because of the amputation of:

  • Both hands
  • One or both legs either at or above the ankle wherein you walk ineffectively
  • One hand and leg at or above the ankle that makes you walk ineffectively
  • The pelvic region
  • One leg up to the hip

You start to ‘walk ineffectively’ if you suffer from complications wherein you cannot use prosthetics. You will also need to use both hands to use a walker, crutches, or wheelchair.

How to Get Approved for Other Amputations

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There are some other amputations where you can qualify for social security disability approval. An example is an amputated dominant hand that doesn’t fit the ‘automatic’ criteria but leaves you unable to work.
However, these cases are not automatically approved.
You need to convince the SSA that you cannot work by providing relevant proof and documents.
The SSA also decides if you deserve social security benefits by checking your ‘residual functional capacity or ‘RFC.’
In case of a leg amputation, they will check if:

  • You can walk effectively or perform sedentary activities with an artificial leg or not
  • There are some surfaces you cannot safely walk on
  • There are any restrictions while performing activities like sitting and climbing

In the case of hand, finger, or upper limb amputations, the SSA considers your ability to:

  • Grab things
  • Make fine motor movements
  • Lift objects
  • Perform skills like writing and typing

The SSA uses this RFC assessment to determine the kind of work you can perform with your limitations. They can deny your claim if they find that you can perform any job despite the limitations.

Why Hire a Glendale Social Security Benefits Lawyer

After going through so much pain and suffering because of the amputation, there’s no doubt you knew that you cannot work. It’s now left to you to prove to the SSA that you cannot work and should receive social security benefits.
However, with so many ‘ifs and buts’ associated with making a claim, it’s easier said than done. You have a better chance of receiving your social security benefits by producing proper papers, documents, and medical information.
No one knows all this better than your social security benefits attorney in Glendale. They will handle and do everything possible to help you receive the maximum benefits for which you qualify.

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