How to Check the Status of a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

workers compensation claim

Workers are one of the most valuable assets in any business.
So protecting them from injuries should be one of the top priorities for all companies across industries and sizes.
However, many companies neglect their responsibility to offer workers’ compensation benefits. It’s mainly because they’re unaware of why it’s essential for employers and how to check the worker’s compensation claim.
This post will provide an overview of what workers’ compensation is and how to check its status:

What Is Workers Compensation?

Worker compensation is insurance coverage that provides an employee with financial protection against losses incurred while on the job. Worker compensation covers medical care expenses, lost wages due to injury or illness, and legal costs in defending employee claims.

How Do I File a Claim for Workers Compensation?

workers compensation benefits claim

You should file a Workers Compensation claim if you:

  • Are the victim of a workplace accident
  • Get injured by your employer
  • Are diagnosed with a work-related illness

Here is how you can file a claim for Workers Compensation in Glendale:

  1. Get your medical records from any healthcare providers you consult after the injury.
  2. Gather all necessary documents that show evidence that your injury occurred during working hours and not outside work hours.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a Glendale workers’ compensation attorney about filing your claim for workers’ compensation benefits.
  4. Be sure to make copies of all your records when you meet them.

What You Need to Do While Preparing to Return to Work

Workers compensation benefits claim

It’s essential to follow your doctor and insurance company’s instructions when you get injured on the job. There are a few steps that you must take before getting back into work if permitted by both of them:

  • You’ll need to provide certain documents like injury reports from doctors or physicians and information about medical treatments (including prescriptions). You might also have to submit an updated resume with references if they didn’t initially do so when applying for their position.
  • Your employer will ask for proof of continuing disability to show eligibility without incurring penalties imposed according to federal regulations. This proof should include copies of all notices relating to specific restrictions cited by your physician. And it should consist of frequency limitations not exceeding four hours per day.

How to Check the Status of Your Worker’s Compensation Claim?


It’s not enough to just file your workers’ compensation claim. You may need to check its status. If this is the case, don’t make the mistake of going directly to work just because you want to check your claim status.
Your employer won’t provide information about it as they are not responsible for handling claims.

If you need some reassurance that things are moving forward, you can find out from an independent source like insurer representatives. They may be able to give you at least some information.
You can head over straight away to the insurance company’s representative. Ask them direct questions such as “What is my current position in line?” or “How soon will I have a decision?”
However, remember that the insurance company works only in your employer’s best interest.
So their goal will naturally be to minimize payments.
Your workers’ compensation lawyer in Glendale will help check your claim status
Only an experienced Glendale worker’s compensation attorney can help you get the correct information about your compensation claim.
Your lawyer can check on your claim status and pressure the insurance company if they refuse to tell you your claim status. They will also keep you informed of how your case is proceeding.

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