Car Versus Pedestrian? Six Steps to Take If You Get Hit in a Glendale Auto Accident!

car versus pedestrian

The word ‘walking’ brings to mind so many thoughts. People walk for exercise, to get from one point to another, or just to relax and collect their thoughts. While walking offers numerous benefits to the human body, there’s always the risk of getting involved in an accident.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, about 11% of fatal traffic accidents involved pedestrians. There are various causes for these pedestrian-related accidents like:

  • Pedestrians walking in motorist areas
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Very young or very old pedestrians
  • Night walking
  • Inattentive drivers
  • Driving or walking under the influence

While it’s usually the motorist who’s at fault, sometimes inattentive pedestrians are as much at fault as a distracted motorist. That’s why pedestrians should practice safe walking habits like crossing at pedestrian crossings, no texting, and walking on sidewalks.

What Should I Do If a Motorist Hits Me?

crosswalk accident

A pedestrian accident can be very traumatic. You may get knocked unconscious or just dazed. You not only have the physical injuries to endure, but other emotional and psychological issues may crop up too. However, you may not be able to work or perform everyday tasks like eating, bathing, and sleeping.

It doesn’t matter what the impact may be. Following these steps once you are out of mental and physical shock will protect your legal rights and future.

1. Seek Immediate Medical Help

If you are knocked unconscious by the vehicle, the motorist or any witnesses must take you to a doctor. However, the responsibility lies with you if you are conscious. It’s better to call 911 for immediate assistance and a complete medical evaluation, even if you feel fine.

2. Note Down Your Injuries

car accident

Take a personal inventory of your injuries and condition to report to the medical staff as soon as they arrive.

  • Do you have visible injuries?
  • Are anybody parts in pain?
  • Any torn clothes indicate an injured body part which may hurt later on
  • Check if there’s blood in your face, head, and extremities. Sometimes you may bleed, but the body fails to process the pain because of shock.

3. Inform the Police

Call the police not just to inform them but to document the chain of events. Exactly explain what had happened before your accident. Don’t worry if you forget a few things due to the impact and injury. Mention whatever you remember.

This report is significant for the court and while making claims. Your insurance company or auto accident attorney in Glendale will require a police report document to proceed further.

4. Do Not Speak Unnecessarily

Do not discuss fault at the scene because you are not fully aware of pedestrian accident laws. Something wrongly said can be used against you if matters go to court.

Discuss things only with people having your best interest in mind. They are your lawyer, medical professional, and insurance company.

Remember, the motorist insurance company will put you at fault and deny any claims you make. So do not:

  • Speak at length with them
  • Sign any documents they send
  • Accept any settlements offered

5. Contact Your Insurance Company


Even if you were a pedestrian, if you have car insurance, contact them immediately. Most auto insurance policies cover pedestrian accidents. You may require it to ensure you can make medical or disability claims after the accident.

6. Contact Your Auto Accident Attorney in Glendale

Your injuries may lead to financial, physical, and emotional problems with a severe impact on your life. The motorist’s insurance company will try to put the blame on you and offer undervalued settlements.

Their settlements usually don’t include any future difficulties or expenses you may encounter. Your auto accident attorney in Glendale will however work with your legal rights and future livelihood in mind.

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