I Cannot Afford an Auto Accident Attorney. What Do I Do?

car accident

The injury and damage, and their associated expenses, are typical after a car accident. While insurance may pay some of the bills, you wonder if it’s enough and if you should make a claim.

You especially worry because you will not bear the additional cost of the lawyer’s fees.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about lawyer’s fees. Most auto accident lawyers in Glendale accept cases on a contingency fee basis.

This means that the attorney will represent your case but won’t collect any fees until they resolve your matter.

Why You Should Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

It’s not easy to seek compensation if you get involved in an accident. The process itself is time-consuming, and there are so many strict deadlines to stick to.

Besides, while focusing on the claim, you may also find yourself neglecting your health, thus slowing down your recovery process.

On the contrary, if you have an attorney representing you, they will help by:

1. Conducting an Investigation

Your attorney will hold a thorough and independent investigation to find out more about the accident. They will find out how it happened and who is responsible. They, in the process, look out for additional potential sources and means of recovering insurance coverage.

2. Collecting Relevant Evidence

You may not be in a position to collect and submit all relevant evidence to the insurance company on time. Your lawyer will take care of this.

They will provide the necessary evidence to prove why the car crash occurred. And will also work at demonstrating how the at-fault party was responsible for the accident.

3. Filling Out Only Relevant Forms


The adjuster assigned to your claim may often ask you to complete and return some forms. And most people assume that they have to fill up and sign all the forms.

However, this isn’t necessary. Sometimes you won’t even have to sign anything the insurance company sends you.

The thing is that you won’t know which forms you should or shouldn’t fill out. Your Glendale car accident lawyer is a better person who knows all the documents and will prevent you from unnecessarily signing forms.

4. Making Negotiations

Insurers strive to take advantage of any unrepresented claimants. So if you don’t have any legal representation, they may take advantage of your position. And will offer a much lower settlement than you can and should receive.

An attorney under your belt will prevent this from happening. They will even take the time to negotiate so that you receive maximum compensation.

5. Litigating on Your Behalf

You don’t have to worry if your case goes to trial with an attorney by your side. They will:

  • File your lawsuit on time
  • Collect relevant evidence
  • Schedule meditations
  • Take care of all communications with the at-fault party and their lawyer on your behalf.
  • Even fight for you in court if required.

What Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

If you wonder how much your auto accident claim is worth, and if it’s worth making a claim, there’s no fixed reply. It depends on various factors like:

  • How severe your injuries are and their treatment
  • Evidence produced
  • Your total accident expenses
  • The at-fault party’s policy liability limit
  • Any permanent disability or disfigurement induced by the accident

An auto accident attorney in Glendale by your side will handle all the legal proceedings so that you can recover from your injuries. And most importantly, they will strive to ensure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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