Who Is to Blame in Parking Lot Accidents?

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Car accidents are not confined just to the roads, highways, speeding cars, intersections, and traffic signals. There is also always the possibility of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers getting involved in parking lot accidents.

The reason being they usually aren’t so alert while at a parking lot. According to a poll, distraction is also another common reason for parking lot accidents.

And this is because they least expect an accident to happen but they are sometimes proven wrong.

Unfortunately, parking lot accidents can lead to both property damage and personal injuries.

So when making claims, the one question that crops to everyone’s minds is who is to blame for parking lot accidents?

Who Is to Blame?

Parking lot accidents usually occur when one vehicle hits another car while backing out of space. In this case, the driver traveling in reverse is held responsible.

But the other driver may sometimes be at fault, significantly if they were speeding. But at the same time, the driver backing up is also partly responsible. They have to ensure that the area is safe and clear to do back up.

Let’s take a look at other possible parking lot accidents to assess who’s at fault.

  • The Driver Pulls Out of The Parking Spot.

In this case, the driver vacating the spot is held liable. It’s because the driver driving straight has the right of way. It’s the parked or turning vehicle’s responsibility to ensure it’s safe to pull out before doing so.

  • Driver Rear-Ends You

Like all rear-end collisions, the driver who rear-ends the car ahead in a parking lot is held liable for the wreck. Drivers always have to ensure there’s sufficient space between themselves and the vehicle in front.

  • Another Driver Hits Your Vehicle

Sometimes a driver making a fast left-hand turn into the parking lot hits a vehicle coming in from the opposite direction. In this case, the driver making the turn is held liable.

They have to ensure they have sufficient space and time to move safely.

  • Two Drivers Backing Into Each Other

It’s pretty common to find two drivers backing out of their parking spots and colliding.

In this case, both drivers are equally responsible for the accident. Each is responsible for ensuring it’s safe to back out before doing so. It was their failure to do so that led to the accident.

After the Parking Lot Accident


Now that you know who is held responsible for different parking lot accidents, here’s what you need to do after one.

  • Ensure everyone, including you, is safe. Call 9-1-1 for medical attention if someone’s injured. Consult a doctor for a routine checkup even if you aren’t hurt.
  • No matter how mild or severe the injury or property damage may seem, make an official report with the police. It’s important because some injuries aren’t noticeable for a day or two. A delay in reporting injuries only delays your claim process.
  • Exchange vital information like your phone number, name, insurance provider, and license plate number with other involved drivers. It’s even worth noting down the contact information of any witnesses in case you need a witness statement later on.
  • Take photos of the accident scene to document the scene. These photos strengthen your case and come in helpful if the other driver gets difficult or argumentative.
  • Whatever you do, never admit fault after the parking lot accident. It doesn’t matter if you think you are responsible. There are many circumstances you don’t know about, which can prove you aren’t accountable for the wreck.

Let Your Glendale Auto Accident Attorney Prove Who’s to Blame

Stop wondering who’s at fault if you get involved and injured in a parking lot accident.

Your auto accident lawyer in Glendale will handle everything related to the case and prove who’s to blame. All you need to do now is to focus on your healing.

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